List of HttpRequest methods

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The following are the available HttpRequest class methods.

AddFieldAdd a form field to the request
AddHeaderAdd a request header
AddLongstringAdd a longstring to POST data for this request
AddXmlAdd an XmlDoc to POST data for this request
AutoSendXmlContentTypeAutomatic content-type header generation?
FieldCountNumber of fields in the current request
GetSend an HTTP GET request to the server
HeaderCountNumber of headers in this request
HostTarget web server
HttpVersionSet HTTP protocol version for requests
LineEndLine-end sequence for POSTed Stringlist data
MaxRedirectsAutomatically handle redirects
MultiPartFormEncodingUse Stringlists for data transfer?
NewCreate a new HttpRequest object
PageRelative page path
PortTarget server port number
PostSend an HTTP POST request to the server
PrintPrint useful debug information
ProtocolHTTP request protocol
ProxyPermit use of proxy server?
RemoveAuthenticationClear existing username/password credentials
RemoveProxyDisable proxy server use
SendSend an HTTP request to the server
SetAuthenticationIssue username/password credentials
TimeoutSet timeout (in seconds) for HTTP method call
TranslateTableEBCDIC to ASCII translate table name
URLTarget HTTP request URL

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