List of HTTP Helper methods

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The following are the available HTTP Helper methods.

AddFieldHttpRequestAdd a form field to the request
AddHeaderHttpRequestAdd a request header
AddLongstringHttpRequestAdd a longstring to POST data for this request
AddXmlHttpRequestAdd an XmlDoc to POST data for this request
AutoSendXmlContentTypeHttpRequestAutomatic content-type header generation?
CodeHttpResponseCheck HTTP status code of most recent request
ContentHttpResponseGet raw HTTP response data
ContentToStringlistHttpResponseHTTP response data split into lines
FieldCountHttpRequestNumber of fields in the current request
GetHttpRequestSend an HTTP GET request to the server
HeaderCountHttpRequestNumber of headers in this request
HeaderCountHttpResponseNumber of HTTP response headers
HeaderNamesHttpResponseList of HTTP response header names
HeaderValueHttpResponseHTTP response header value
HostHttpRequestTarget web server
HttpVersionHttpRequestSet HTTP protocol version for requests
LineEndHttpRequestLine-end sequence for POSTed Stringlist data
MaxRedirectsHttpRequestAutomatically handle redirects
MessageHttpResponseReturn code message of most recent request
MultiPartFormEncodingHttpRequestUse Stringlists for data transfer?
NewHttpRequestCreate a new HttpRequest object
PageHttpRequestRelative page path
ParseXmlHttpResponseDeserialize response data to XmlDoc
PortHttpRequestTarget server port number
PostHttpRequestSend an HTTP POST request to the server
PrintHttpRequestPrint useful debug information
PrintHttpResponsePrint useful debug information about this object
ProtocolHttpRequestHTTP request protocol
ProxyHttpRequestPermit use of proxy server?
RemoveAuthenticationHttpRequestClear existing username/password credentials
RemoveProxyHttpRequestDisable proxy server use
SendHttpRequestSend an HTTP request to the server
SetAuthenticationHttpRequestIssue username/password credentials
StatusLineHttpResponseStatus line of most recent request
SuccessHttpResponseCheck status code value of most recent request
TimeoutHttpRequestSet timeout (in seconds) for HTTP method call
TranslateTableHttpRequestEBCDIC to ASCII translate table name
URLHttpRequestTarget HTTP request URL
URLHttpResponseURL from which the response was obtained

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