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Welcome to SirWiki, the Sirius Software Model 204 wiki. SirWiki is for Model 204 User Language developers, database administrators, system managers, and anyone else who works with Model 204 and with Sirius Software products.

The primary, but not exclusive, purpose of SirWiki is to be the platform for Sirius product documentation. The SirWiki pages supersede many of the Sirius PDF manuals, and eventually SirWiki will contain all the Sirius technical documentation.

Anyone who works with Model 204 is encouraged to contribute to SirWiki, either by providing new content or correcting or improving content. You can also download your own copy of SirWiki.

This main page presents links to principal subdivisions of the Sirius reference documentation, beginning with the most-in-demand material, the system classes of the Janus SOAP User Language Interface, which are built into the Model 204 nucleus and written in Assembler language.

Model 204 is a proprietary product of Computer Corporation of America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rocket Software, Inc., which owns the trademark.

Janus SOAP ULI system classes and methods

System classes

CharacterMap class:Synopsis | Methods
CharacterToUnicodeMap class:Synopsis | Methods
Collection classes
  • Arraylist class:
  • FloatNamedArraylist class:
  • NamedArraylist class:
  • UnicodeNamedArraylist class:
Daemon class:Synopsis | Methods
Dataset class:Synopsis | Methods
Email class:Synopsis | Methods
FastUnloadTask class:Synopsis | Methods
File classes
  • Recordset class:
  • Record class:
  • SortedRecordset class:
  • RecordsetCursor class:
HTTP Helper classes:
  • HttpRequest class:
  • HttpResponse class:
HTTP Helper methods
Intrinsic classes:
  • Float class:
  • String class:
  • Unicode class:
Journal class:Synopsis | Methods
Json class:Synopsis | Methods
LDAP class:Synopsis | Methods
Object class:Synopsis | Methods
PersistentObjectInfo class:Synopsis | Methods
ProcedureInfo class:Synopsis | Methods
RandomNumberGenerator class:Synopsis | Methods
Regex class:Synopsis | Methods
Screen and ScreenField classes: Synopsis | Methods
SelectionCriterion class:Synopsis | Methods
Socket class:Synopsis | Methods
SortOrder class:Synopsis | Methods
Stringlist class:Synopsis | Methods
StringTokenizer class:Synopsis | Methods
  • System class:
  • Subsystem class:
Transaction class:Synopsis | Methods
UdpSocket class:Synopsis | Methods
UserStatistics class:Synopsis | Methods
Web class:Synopsis | Methods
XmlDoc API classes
  • XmlDoc class:
  • XmlNode class:
  • XmlNodelist class:
XmlDoc API methods
XmlParser API classes
  • XmlParser class:
  • XmlSelector class:
  • XmlAttributeList class:
XmlParser API methods

System enumerations


System exceptions

Exception classes
  • AddToRecordError:
  • BadJournal:
  • CharacterTranslationException:
  • CoordinatorException
  • DaemonLost:
  • FormFieldNotFound:
  • IncorrectDaemonState:
  • InvalidBase64Data:
  • InvalidBerData:
  • InvalidBitNumber:
  • InvalidCryptoData:
  • InvalidCryptoInitVector:
  • InvalidCryptoKey:
  • InvalidDateString:
  • InvalidDeflateData:
  • InvalidGZipData:
  • InvalidHexData:
  • InvalidJsonType:
  • InvalidPemData:
  • InvalidRegex:
  • InvalidSortSpecification:
  • InvalidTranslateTable:
  • InvalidValue:
  • InvalidZipData:
  • ItemNotFound:
  • ItemNotPresent:
  • JsonCircularReference:
  • JsonParseError:
  • MaxDaemExceeded:
  • MismatchedQuote:
  • NoFreeDaemons:
  • NotJanusConnection:
  • OutOfBounds:
  • PKCSError:
  • RecordLockingConflict:
  • ScreenReadError:
  • UnknownStatistic:
  • UnsupportedCrypto:
  • WebScreenException:
  • WriteError:
  • XmlParseError:
  • XPathError:

System types

System types

Non-OO User Language enhancements

These Sirius Software enhancements of User Language are not strictly concerned with object-oriented programming:

Commands, parameters, and messages

Editor commands
Janus commands
Operator commands — including information about issuing them from zOS console
System administrator commands
User commands
System parameters
User parameters
Fast/Unload messages
SirAud messages
Sirius Mods messages
SirTune Data Collector messages
SirZap messages

Release notes, wishlists, and punch lists

Sirius Mods

Overviews and tutorials

Janus SOAP User Language Interface
Classes and Objects
Intrinsic classes
Regex processing
XML processing in Janus SOAP
XmlDoc API, XPath
Charting using Janus Web Server and FusionCharts Free
Getting started with object-oriented programming for User Language programmers



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