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The following are the available String class methods.

AES128CBCdecryptAES 128-bit key decryption
AES128CBCencryptAES 128-bit key decryption
AES128decryptAES 128-bit key decryption
AES128encryptAES 128-bit key decryption
AES192CBCdecryptAES 192-bit key CBC decryption
AES192CBCencryptAES 192-bit key CBC decryption
AES192decryptAES 192-bit key decryption
AES192encryptAES 192-bit key decryption
AES256CBCdecryptAES 256-bit key CBC decryption
AES256CBCencryptAES 256-bit key CBC decryption
AES256decryptAES 256-bit key decryption
AES256encryptAES 256-bit key decryption
AfterPart of string after a substring
AsciiToEbcdicConvert ASCII string to EBCDIC
Base64ToStringConvert a base 64 string to Ebcdic
BeforePart of string before a substring
BinaryToFloatConvert binary string representation of a number to floating point
BinaryToIntegerConvert a binary string to an integer
BitAndStringDo bitwise And of strings
BitClearStringClear a bit in a string
BitCountStringCount number of on bits in a string
BitFlipStringFlip a bit in a string
BitOffStringClear bits in one string from another
BitOnStringSet bits in one string from another
BitOrStringDo bitwise Or of strings
BitSetStringSet a bit in a string
BitValueStringGet bit value (0 or 1) in a string
BitXorStringDo bitwise exclusive Or of strings
CenterCenter the input string within a return string of a specified length
CentreCenter the input string within a return string of a specified length
CertificateRequestCreate a certificate request from a private key
CharThe value at a specified position in the input string
CharacterToUnicodeTranslate characters to unicode
ClientCertificateRequestCreate a client certificate request from a public key
DEA128CBCdecryptDEA 128-bit key decryption
DEA128CBCencryptDEA 128-bit key decryption
DEA128decryptDEA 128-bit key decryption
DEA128encryptDEA 128-bit key decryption
DEA192CBCdecryptDEA 192-bit key CBC decryption
DEA192CBCencryptDEA 192-bit key CBC decryption
DEA192decryptDEA 192-bit key decryption
DEA192encryptDEA 192-bit key decryption
DEA64CBCdecryptDEA 64-bit key CBC decryption
DEA64CBCencryptDEA 64-bit key CBC decryption
DEA64decryptDEA 64-bit key decryption
DEA64encryptDEA 64-bit key decryption
DeflateCompress a longstring with deflate
DerToXmlDocConvert DER encoded data to XML
EbcdicToAsciiConvert EBCDIC string to ASCII
EbcdicToUnicodeConvert EBCDIC string to Unicode
EndsWithIs the end string the terminal substring of the method object string?
FormUrlDecodeUnicodeConvert Form URL encoded UTF-8 string to Unicode
GunzipDecompress a longstring with GUNZIP
GunzipDatetimeNSReturn create date of GZIP format longstring
GunzipFilenameReturn name of GZIP format longstring
GzipCompress a longstring with GZIP
HexToIntegerConvert a hexadecimal string to an integer
HexToStringConvert a hexadecimal string to Ebcdic
InflateDecompress a longstring with inflate
InsertInsert argument string inside the method object string
IsOneOfIs the method object string matched by any of the strings in the input list?
IsStartOfIs the method object string an initial substring of the argument string?
LeftThe left-most characters of the string
LengthThe length of the string
MD5digest16-byte MD5 digest
ParseLinesParse delimited string, creating new Stringlist
PositionInThe numeric position of one string within another
PositionOfThe numeric position of one string within another
RC4decryptRC4 encryption or decryption
RC4encryptRC4 encryption or decryption
RegexMatchPosition after match of regex
RegexReplaceReplace regex match(es)
RegexSplitSplit string using regex, creating new Stringlist
RemoveRemove the occurrences of a specified substring
ReplaceReplace occurrences of a substring with a substitute string
ReverseReturn string characters in right-to-left order
RightThe right-most characters of the string
RSAPrivateKeyToXmlDocConvert BER encoded RSA private key to XML
SHAdigest20-byte SHA digest
SHA224digest224-bit SHA-2 digest
SHA256digest256-bit SHA-2 digest
SHA384digest384-bit SHA-384 digest
SHA512digest512-bit SHA-512 digest
SignedCertificateSign a certificate request
SignedClientCertificateSign a client certificate request
StartsWithIs the argument string an initial substring of the method object string?
StringToBase64Convert an Ebcdic string to base 64
StringToDaysConvert string date/time to days since 1900
StringToHexConvert an Ebcdic string to hexadecimal
StringTokenizerCreate a tokenizer using the method object string
StringToMillisecondsConvert string date/time to milliseconds since 1900
StringToSecondsConvert string date/time to seconds since 1900
SubstringReturn a substring of the method object string
TimeStringConvertConvert date/time string from one format to another
ToLowerReturn alphabetic characters as all-lowercase
ToStringConvert string to a string
ToUpperReturn alphabetic characters as all-uppercase
TranslateApply a Character Map to the method object string
TrimLeftTrim bytes from left of string
TrimRightTrim bytes from right of string
UConvert EBCDIC string to Unicode constant, including character encoding
UnspaceRemove whitespace characters from the string
UrlDecodeUnicodeConvert URL encoded UTF-8 string to Unicode
Utf16ToUnicodeConvert a UTF-16 Longstring bytestream to Unicode
Utf8ToUnicodeConvert a UTF-8 Longstring bytestream to Unicode
WordSelect word from list of words
WordCountCount words in list
WordNumberInWord number of method object needle within argment list of words
WordNumberOfWord number of argument needle within method object list of words
WordsSublist of list of words
XHex constant method
X509CertificateToXmlDocConvert BER encoded X.509 certificate to XML
X509CrlToXmlDocConvert BER encoded X.509 CRL to XML
ZipCompress a longstring with ZIP

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