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The Model 204 nucleus contains a wide variety of commands, and those nucleus commands are documented here along with the commands from the Sirius Mods. The Sirius Mods included many products, and Sirius Mods customers also had access to a set of commands that appear and behave as standard Model 204 commands. Those Sirius-added commands were not part of the base Model 204 nucleus until the merging of the Sirius Mods with the Model 204 base in Model 204 version 7.5.

Until Model 204 version 7.5, the Sirius Mods commands and parameters are only available to customers who have installed the Sirius Mods. And even for Sirius Mods customers, many commands are available only at sites authorized for specific products. Other commands, while available, don't really do anything unless a site is authorized for specific products.

All commands associated with the Sirius Mods and Model 204 are documented in this wiki. Those that Sirius added and those that are restricted to sites authorized for particular products are indicated as such in the individual command descriptions.

For a description of Model 204 command types and commands and how to use them, see the commands overview.

For a description of Model 204-related CMS utility command modules, which you do not issue from within the Model 204 environment, see CMS utility command modules.

For a description of the conventions used in syntax on individual command pages, see Notation conventions.

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