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These are $functions written by Sirius Software and available as of Model 204 7.5 to authorized users of one or more indicated add-on products. These listings are not exhaustive.

The $function sets listed in the Subcategories section on this page are $functions that are available only to a licensed user of the identified Model 204 add-on product. The "Mathematical functions" are an exception; they are available to all users of Model 204 version 7.5 or higher.

The individual $functions in the Pages in category "$Functions" section are those that are not exclusive to a single Model 204 add-on product. Although most of these $functions require authorization for the "Sirius Functions" product, many of them are also available to multiple other add-on products.

Many of the $functions in these sections are deprecated in favor of an OO API, in which case their matching OO methods are noted on the individual $function page.

All of the $functions in these sections are now included in the List of $functions display, a comprehensive listing of the Model 204 version 7.5 and higher $functions, which also includes a one-line description for each $function.

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