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M204. messages

This section is under construction; until it is complete, see the following:

MSIR. messages

MSIR.0001 IUCV not installed MSIR.0361 Processing request token0 token2 MSIR.0721 END token0 expected​,​ got END token2
MSIR.0002 Unable to load IUCVMULT MSIR.0362 $WEB_CERTSEND error - token0 MSIR.0722 VTLAPSY failed to login user
MSIR.0003 IUCVMINI error​,​ rc ​=​ token0 MSIR.0364 Cancelling Web request because token0 MSIR.0723 token0 has no token2
MSIR.0004 HNDIUCV error​,​ rc ​=​ token0 MSIR.0365 Transferring connection to USER token0 MSIR.0724 token0 name missing or invalid
MSIR.0005 Unable to connect to token0​,​ rc ​=​ token2 MSIR.0366 Connection received from USER token0 MSIR.0725 token0 token2 not defined
MSIR.0006 Connection severed​,​ IPUSER ​=​ token0 MSIR.0367 Maximum persistent​/​legacy sessions for IP address token0 exceeded - session terminated MSIR.0726 Already an image or screen named token0
MSIR.0007 Unexpected IUCV interrupt​,​ IPTYPE ​=​ token0 MSIR.0368 JANUS WEB screen rule too large MSIR.0727 token0 has same name as token2 variable
MSIR.0008 IUCV send error​,​ IPTRGCLS ​=​ hexValue0​,​ IPRCODE ​=​ token0 MSIR.0369 Connection transferred to USER token0 MSIR.0728 token0 variable invalid in token2
MSIR.0009 IUCV message rejected​,​ IPTRGCLS ​=​ hexValue0 MSIR.0370 SSL filename must be 8 characters or fewer MSIR.0729 Variable token0 doesn't have required suffix token2
MSIR.0010 IUCV audit error​,​ IPTRGCLS ​=​ hexValue0​,​ IPAUDIT ​=​ hexValue2 MSIR.0371 SSL procedure name missing MSIR.0730 token0 not defined
MSIR.0011 Invalid response from initial message ​=​ token0 MSIR.0372 SSL support not linked in MSIR.0731 token0 is not a structure​,​ object​,​ image​,​ screen or menu
MSIR.0012 Unable to attach JANUS PST​,​ rc ​=​ token0 MSIR.0373 Unable to open SSL file token0 MSIR.0732 Invalid context for token0
MSIR.0013 Bind error​,​ port number token0 already in use MSIR.0374 SSL procedure token0 is enqueued MSIR.0733 token0 token2 not found in token3 token4
MSIR.0014 Bind error​,​ errno ​=​ token0: token2 - token3 MSIR.0375 SSL procedure token0 not found MSIR.0734 token0 variable name invalid
MSIR.0015 Bind error​,​ PST shutting down MSIR.0376 Invalid X509 certificate MSIR.0735 Subscripts not allowed for token0
MSIR.0016 Socket error​,​ rc ​=​ token0​,​ errno ​=​ token2 MSIR.0377 Missing X509 certificate MSIR.0736 Assignment to token0 must be from token2
MSIR.0017 GETSOCKOPT error​,​ rc ​=​ token0​,​ errno ​=​ token2 MSIR.0378 Invalid RSA private key MSIR.0737 Assignment from token0 must be to token2
MSIR.0018 Main path IOCTL error​,​ rc ​=​ token0​,​ errno ​=​ token2 MSIR.0379 Missing RSA private key MSIR.0738 Assignment mismatch -- input is token0​,​ output is token2
MSIR.0019 token0 request rejected for port token2​,​ MAXCON exceeded MSIR.0380 SSLCACHE must be greater than or equal to number of threads on port MSIR.0739 Variable name invalid
MSIR.0020 token0 request rejected for port token2​,​ no SDAEMONS available MSIR.0381 RSA private key too long MSIR.0740 AllowNull only allowed for Objects
MSIR.0021 LISTEN error​,​ rc ​=​ token0​,​ errno ​=​ token2 MSIR.0382 SSL protocol error MSIR.0741 token0 does not return a structure or object
MSIR.0022 Main path SELECT error​,​ rc ​=​ token0​,​ errno ​=​ token2 MSIR.0383 SSL client does not support any of the same ciphers as Janus Web MSIR.0742 Argument token0 for token2 missing
MSIR.0023 Connection request rejected for port token0​,​ couldn't get storage for buffers MSIR.0384 Connection from token0 terminated​,​ insufficient storage for SSL buffer MSIR.0743 Argument token0 for token2 invalid
MSIR.0024 ACCEPT error​,​ rc ​=​ token0​,​ errno ​=​ token2 MSIR.0385 Incorrect RSA encryption MSIR.0744 Too many arguments for token0
MSIR.0025 GIVESOCKET error​,​ rc ​=​ token0​,​ errno ​=​ token2 MSIR.0386 SSL input message too long - increase SSLBSIZE MSIR.0745 Invalid syntax for token0
MSIR.0026 Connection request rejected for port token0​,​ token2 connection limit exceeded MSIR.0387 RSA private key does not correspond to public key in X509 certificate MSIR.0746 Object variable required for token0
MSIR.0027 TAKESOCKET error​,​ rc ​=​ token0​,​ errno ​=​ token2 MSIR.0388 Password for private key for port token0 MSIR.0747 token0 during token2 in line token3​,​ procedure token4​,​ file token5
MSIR.0028 Client path token0 error​,​ rc ​=​ token2​,​ errno ​=​ token3 MSIR.0389 Private key password missing or invalid MSIR.0748 token0 during token2 at command level
MSIR.0029 CLOSE error​,​ rc ​=​ token0​,​ errno ​=​ token2 MSIR.0390 JANUS WEB ALLOW USER​/​USGROUP not recommended for non-SSL port token0 MSIR.0749 token0 during token2​,​ no Sirius debug info
MSIR.0030 Port name missing for JANUS command MSIR.0391 It will result in unencrypted passwords being sent over the network MSIR.0750 Class token0​,​ token2 token3: token4 in line token5​,​ procedure token6​,​ file token7
MSIR.0031 Port token0 already stopped MSIR.0392 Call Rocket Software for a new authorization MSIR.0751 Class token0​,​ token2 token3: token4 in line token5 of command level program
MSIR.0032 Port token0 already started MSIR.0393 Relative CENTSPAN value token0 in SIRFIELD FORMAT command converted to token2 MSIR.0752 Class token0​,​ token2 token3: token4​,​ no Sirius debug info
MSIR.0033 Port token0 already draining MSIR.0394 RELATEd fields have different token0 in token2 date formats MSIR.0753 Explicit token0 not allowed for class token2
MSIR.0034 Port token0 already forcing MSIR.0395 New name has SIRFIELD attributes MSIR.0754 Class token0​,​ token2: not token3
MSIR.0035 Port token0 drain requested MSIR.0396 token0 command not allowed for field with SIRFIELD attributes: token2 MSIR.0755 Assignment source for token0 invalid
MSIR.0036 Port token0 force requested MSIR.0397 Invalid token0 change on REDEFINE command of field with SIRFIELD attributes: token2 MSIR.0756 Unexpected left parenthesis
MSIR.0037 Port token0 deleted MSIR.0398 Unable to RELATE fields due to mismatched token0 attributes MSIR.0757 token0 not allowed for ARRAY parameters
MSIR.0038 Port token0 not started MSIR.0399 Warning: update to FLOAT date field which is unnormalized number will be rejected MSIR.0758 Class token0​,​ token2 returns no value so can only be used in standalone call​,​ or has no arguments
MSIR.0039 Port token0 started MSIR.0400 SIRFIELDtoken0 command too long: token2 MSIR.0759 Order comparison (GE​,​ LE​,​ LT​,​ GT) not valid for token0
MSIR.0040 Invalid JANUS subcommand 'token0' MSIR.0401 CENTSPAN remains at previous value set in SIRFIELD FORMAT command: token0 MSIR.0760 Comparison mismatch -- token0 token2 against token3 token4
MSIR.0041 No ports named token0 defined MSIR.0402 Unable to RELATE field to itself MSIR.0761 $token0 not callable
MSIR.0042 Port name token0 invalid MSIR.0403 SIRFIELD enqueueing conflict MSIR.0762 Sending token0K bytes for port token2 to token3
MSIR.0043 Can't define token0 port​,​ token2 MSIR.0404 Null EXCEPTIONS value not allowed on SIRFIELD RELATE command of preallocated and non-preallocated fields MSIR.0763 Sent token0K bytes for port token2 to token3 in token4 seconds (token5K​/​sec)
MSIR.0044 CMD required for token0 port MSIR.0405 Null EXCEPTIONS value paired with non-null value on SIRFIELD RELATE command MSIR.0764 Invalid class reference
MSIR.0045 Insufficient storage for JANUS control blocks MSIR.0406 Duplicate ALTERNATES format on SIRFIELD RELATE command: token0 MSIR.0765 token0 token2 in class token3
MSIR.0046 Insufficient storage for JANUS buffers MSIR.0407 ALTERNATES * on SIRFIELDtoken0 command MSIR.0766 token0 can't be Global or Session
MSIR.0047 Insufficient storage for token0 tables MSIR.0408 Missing * in ERROR format on SIRFIELDtoken0 command MSIR.0767 Invalid global​/​session name
MSIR.0048 PST shutting down​,​ can't start token0 MSIR.0409 Missing or mis-placed CANCEL​/​WARN​/​NOWARN on SIRFIELDtoken0 command: token2 MSIR.0768 token0 name token2 already bound to other variable
MSIR.0049 Remote server name missing for JANUS command MSIR.0410 Unloaded file token0 had SIRFIELD rules defined but Sir2000 Field Migration Facility is not token2 MSIR.0769 Local token0 not supported
MSIR.0050 Invalid LOGIN record received from token0 MSIR.0411 File must be reloaded with the LAI NOFDEF option or using a load module with the Sir2000 Field Miggration Facility MSIR.0770 token0 already defined
MSIR.0051 Invalid token0 parameter MSIR.0412 Attempt to load field token0 from multiple fields - token2 and token3. MSIR.0771 token0 invalid after token2
MSIR.0052 token0 called when not an Open Server MSIR.0413 Attempt to load multiple fields token0 and token2 from token3 but FAMSPLIT not set. MSIR.0772 Member token0 already declared
MSIR.0053 Invalid buffer type received from token0 MSIR.0414 Value of token0 for field token2 token3 SIRFIELD format MSIR.0773 token0 qualifier in token2 section
MSIR.0054 BUG condition - token0 MSIR.0415 Target file has SIRFIELD definitions​,​ program being passed to standard token0 MSIR.0774 token0 not valid for token2
MSIR.0055 Subcommand missing for JANUS command MSIR.0416 Date maps to exception value or different format pair in file fileName record token0 token2 ​=​ token3 MSIR.0775 token0 required for token2
MSIR.0056 Invalid buffer header received from token0 MSIR.0417 New exception value token0 for token2 matches a format and so can't be added after records have been added to the file MSIR.0776 Mismatch between token0 declaration and definition
MSIR.0057 Unexpected EOM received from token0 MSIR.0418 SIRFIELDtoken0 command contains unquoted alpha EXCEPTIONS value: token2 MSIR.0777 token0 error in compiler​,​ compilation aborted
MSIR.0058 Remote server name must be 30 characters or fewer MSIR.0419 Different token0 on Fast​/​Unload trailer record; found token2​,​ expected token3 MSIR.0778 token0 token2 not declared
MSIR.0059 Remote server HOST missing for JANUS command MSIR.0420 Dumped file has SIRFIELD attributes​,​ can't RESTORE on non-SIRFIELD system MSIR.0779 Already have token0 method
MSIR.0060 SDAEMON is an obsolete command MSIR.0421 Invalid value token0 for CENTSPAN MSIR.0780 END token0 expected
MSIR.0061 Can't issue SDAEMON command from SDAEMON MSIR.0422 ALTERNATES not allowed on SIRFIELDtoken0 command because ERROR format already specified and records have been added to the file MSIR.0781 END token0 expected​,​ not END token2
MSIR.0062 SDAEMON command can only be issued on IODEV 3 MSIR.0423 Cannot change CENTSPAN​/​SPANSIZE on SIRFIELDtoken0 command because ERROR or ALTERNATES have been set and records have been added to the file MSIR.0782 Block not associated with name token0
MSIR.0063 Insufficient storage to start SDAEMON MSIR.0424 Both ERROR formats * in SIRFIELD RELATE command MSIR.0783 Already have token0 method for property
MSIR.0064 No free IODEV number to use for SDAEMON MSIR.0425 Alternate date formats respecified but incomplete or out of order on SIRFIELDtoken0 command MSIR.0784 token0 method missing for property
MSIR.0065 LOBUFF must be at least 256 for SDAEMONS MSIR.0426 Error updating second field of related pair in file fileName record token0 token2 ​=​ token3 - FISTAT set to physically broken MSIR.0785 token0 token2 already defined
MSIR.0066 Unable to add $COMM output to output $LIST MSIR.0427 *​=​​=​warning MSIR.0786 Result required for method​/​property
MSIR.0067 Error doing $COMM output MSIR.0428 *​=​​=​warning MSIR.0787 Result has incorrect type
MSIR.0068 Running $COMM request for USER token0 MSIR.0429 *​=​​=​warning MSIR.0788 Subroutines cannot have a datatype
MSIR.0069 Can't issue SDAEMON command from subsystem MSIR.0430 Invalid value token0 for token2 in JANUS token3 token4 command MSIR.0789 Implied return not valid for methods that return a value
MSIR.0070 Insufficient storage to initialize TCPIP MSIR.0431 token0 not supported under token2 MSIR.0790 Non-readOnly property cannot be called THIS
MSIR.0071 Port name must be 30 characters or fewer MSIR.0432 Terminating session because WEBSDMAX exceeded MSIR.0791 token0 not valid for token2 property
MSIR.0072 Can't issue SDAEMON command while web port(s) started MSIR.0433 Insufficient storage to set tracing for port token0 MSIR.0792 token0 in class token2 never defined
MSIR.0073 Invalid port type token0 MSIR.0434 Warning: value matches WARN format in file fileName record token0 token2 ​=​ token3 MSIR.0793 Inconsistent token0 in class header
MSIR.0074 Invalid token0 - must be number between token2 and token3 MSIR.0435 Warning: value of token0 for field token2 matches WARN format in record token3​,​ input record number token4 MSIR.0794 Invalid token0 name: 'token2'
MSIR.0075 'token0' is not valid for token2 ports MSIR.0436 Value of token0 for field token2 out of SIRFIELD date range MSIR.0795 Unsupported method: token0
MSIR.0076 No remote servers named token0 defined on port(s) token2 MSIR.0437 Value of token0 for field token2 maps to SIRFIELD exception value or different format pair MSIR.0796 token0 is not allowed as a member name
MSIR.0077 Host name token0 resolved to token2 MSIR.0438 Warning: value of token0 for field token2 matches WARN format MSIR.0797 No method linking for implied object
MSIR.0078 Sirius functions are expired MSIR.0439 User pushdown list overflowed MSIR.0798 Explicit token0 name required for shared variables
MSIR.0079 Sirius functions not authorized for CPU hexValue0 MSIR.0440 Invalid signature parameter token0 in token2 MSIR.0799 Null object passed as non-allowNull parameter
MSIR.0080 Invalid value token0 for token2 MSIR.0441 Signature only valid for site token0 in token2 MSIR.0800 token0 must be token2
MSIR.0081 Maximum connections cannot exceed number of SDAEMONS (token0) MSIR.0442 Signature expired in token0 MSIR.0801 READ SCREEN encountered in NOSCREEN mode
MSIR.0082 Maximum connections cannot exceed token0 authorization limit (token2) MSIR.0443 Invalid checksum in authorization zap created token0 MSIR.0802 token0 may not be nested
MSIR.0083 token0 token2 tables for USER token3 MSIR.0444 Invalid token0 argument 'token2'​,​ request cancelled MSIR.0803 Optional or default parameter required for presence test
MSIR.0084 Unable to resolve host name token0 MSIR.0445 Bad token0 in record token2​,​ input record number token3​,​ reason hexValue0 MSIR.0804 Class token0 too big
MSIR.0085 Unable to connect to token0 port token2 MSIR.0446 Two digit year ALTERNATES format invalid for field token0 because primary format is not two digit MSIR.0805 Statement label multiply defined
MSIR.0086 Invalid parameter token0 MSIR.0447 configurationMessage MSIR.0806 Arrays not allowed in Public​/​Private block -- use Collections
MSIR.0087 Port name token0 already defined MSIR.0448 Warning: OPTION BAVAIL ignored MSIR.0807 Can't declare token0 after token2 token3
MSIR.0088 Maximum number of portS (token0) already defined MSIR.0449 token0 in call to token2 MSIR.0808 New must be disallowed in Public block to be a Private constructor
MSIR.0089 Remote server port missing for JANUS command MSIR.0450 Too many token0​,​ max ​=​ token2 MSIR.0809 token0 only valid in Public block
MSIR.0090 Name must follow 'OPEN' keyword MSIR.0451 Multiple OPEN files​/​groups only allowed when CMD specified MSIR.0810 token0 required for class token2
MSIR.0091 OPEN name must be 8 characters or fewer MSIR.0452 First deleted occurrence of token0: record token2​,​ input record token3 MSIR.0811 token0 not allowed
MSIR.0092 SDAEMON unable to open token0 MSIR.0453 Can't allocate expanded storage​,​ installation limit exceeded MSIR.0812 Class requires token0 not token2
MSIR.0093 Port name missing for JANUS DEFINE command MSIR.0454 SIRAPSY command unavailable because RESLTHR set to 0 MSIR.0813 Maximum number of parameters​,​ token0​,​ exceeded
MSIR.0094 Port number missing for JANUS DEFINE command MSIR.0455 token0 missing for SIRAPSY command MSIR.0814 token0 expected
MSIR.0095 Port type missing for JANUS DEFINE command MSIR.0456 Invalid SIRAPSY subcommand token0 MSIR.0815 token0 only valid for token2
MSIR.0096 Value missing for token0 in JANUS DEFINE command MSIR.0457 Subsystem token0 not started MSIR.0816 token0 disallowed
MSIR.0097 No ports named token0 with remote servers named token2 defined MSIR.0458 Procedure token0 not found for subsystem token2 MSIR.0817 SIRMETH rule type missing or invalid
MSIR.0098 No SDAEMONS available to load token0 tables MSIR.0459 token0 procedure token2 set to token3 MSIR.0818 SIRMETH token0 action missing or invalid
MSIR.0099 SDAEMON could not load token0 tables MSIR.0460 token0 procedure token2 not set MSIR.0819 Session token0 for owner token2 - token3
MSIR.0100 Starting SQL connection for USER token0 MSIR.0461 token0 procedure token2 not eligible for pre-compilation MSIR.0820 SIRMETH token0 name missing or invalid
MSIR.0101 SQL connection closed by initiating user MSIR.0462 Unable to load HPNS interface module MSIR.0821 File in use for file​/​group objects​,​ command rejected
MSIR.0102 Invalid initial data from IFDIAL client at token0 MSIR.0463 Unable to auto-detect TCP​/​IP type MSIR.0822 Invalid SIRMETH qualifier token0
MSIR.0103 Incompatible IFDIAL client at token0 MSIR.0464 HPNS API error​,​ function​=​token0​,​ rc​=​token2​,​ errno​=​token3 MSIR.0823 Insufficient storage for SIRMETH command
MSIR.0104 Invalid data received from IFDIAL client at token0 MSIR.0465 Autodetected TCPTYPE​=​token0 MSIR.0824 No qualifiers allowed for SIRMETH DISPLAY
MSIR.0105 Port token0 defined MSIR.0466 TCPTYPE of 'HPNS' is only valid under MVS MSIR.0825 SUBSYSTEM without NONPRE doesn't make sense for SUBSYSTEMSET
MSIR.0106 Port token0 in use MSIR.0467 Command disabled MSIR.0826 NONPRE doesn't make sense for DISALLOW
MSIR.0107 Port token0 not stopped​,​ can't delete MSIR.0468 token0 argument for $token2 MSIR.0827 AUTO not supported for token0
MSIR.0108 Buffer size mist follow 'RBSIZE' keyword MSIR.0469 token0 connection to host token2token3 port number token4 using Janus CLSOCK port token5​,​ user socket number token6 MSIR.0828 AUTO value missing or invalid
MSIR.0109 JANCAT filename must be 8 characters or fewer MSIR.0470 SYBMSG(20470​,​15​,​1) Can't start new thread​,​ MAXCURS exceeded MSIR.0829 AUTO inconsistency for Common​/​Global​/​Session variable
MSIR.0110 Insufficient storage for JANUS RPC buffers MSIR.0471 SYBMSG(20471​,​15​,​1) Can't start new thread​,​ no SDAEMON' available MSIR.0830 Only one TO clause allowed
MSIR.0111 Connection from token0 terminated​,​ insufficient storage for token2 MSIR.0472 SYBMSG(20472​,​15​,​1) Invalid request format MSIR.0831 Target of TO must be a StringList object
MSIR.0112 Connection from token0 terminated​,​ pacing protocol violation MSIR.0473 SYBMSG(20473​,​15​,​1) Unsupported token hexValue0 MSIR.0832 Can't end with ellipses with TO clause
MSIR.0113 Connection from token0 terminated​,​ terminal input required MSIR.0474 SYBMSG(20474​,​15​,​1) Mix of token0 and token2 not suported in a single request MSIR.0833 Can't set Model 6 -- token0
MSIR.0114 token0 for port token2 from token3 MSIR.0475 SYBMSG(20475​,​15​,​1) Attempt to declare cursor with in-use name MSIR.0834 Un-named parameters not allowed after named parameters
MSIR.0115 Starting outgoing site manager for port token0​,​ remote server token2 MSIR.0476 SYBMSG(20476​,​15​,​1) Reference to non-existent cursor MSIR.0835 token0 has no named parameters
MSIR.0116 Starting incoming site manager for port token0​,​ remote server token2 MSIR.0477 Starting cursor thread for user token0 for IP address token2 MSIR.0836 Named parameters should not begin with %
MSIR.0117 Invalid response to LOGIN RECEIVED from remote server token0 MSIR.0478 Unsupported log file type - token0 MSIR.0837 Too many un-named arguments for token0
MSIR.0118 TCPTYPE must be set to 'IBM'​,​ 'INTERLNK'​,​ 'KNET'​,​ or 'HPNS' MSIR.0479 token0 mismatch in shared log file token2 MSIR.0838 Parameter named token0 not found for token2
MSIR.0119 TCPTYPE of 'token0' is only valid under MVS MSIR.0480 ASSERT statement requires condition MSIR.0839 token0 token2 can't be performed: FTP Port is started
MSIR.0120 AOPEN error​,​ RETCODE ​=​ token0​,​ ERRCODE ​=​ token2 DIAGCODE ​=​ hexValue0 MSIR.0481 SIRFACT statement requires ON or OFF MSIR.0840 token0 token2 can't be performed: folder is referred to by HOME or ALLOW rules
MSIR.0121 token0 error​,​ RETCODE ​=​ token2​,​ COMPCODE ​=​ token3 TPLRTNCD ​=​ hexValue0 MSIR.0482 Shutting down port token0 because of error on required log file token2 MSIR.0841 HttpRequest method protocol:​/​​/​host:portURI: Timeout​=​seconds exceeded
MSIR.0122 token0 is expired MSIR.0483 LOGAPPEND not valid under CMS or VSE MSIR.0842 token0 must be inside a file​/​group-related FOR loop
MSIR.0123 token0 not authorized for CPU hexValue0 MSIR.0484 Can't define WEBSERV port in MP​/​KNET environment MSIR.0843 token0 file​/​group does not match the file​/​group context of the FOR loop
MSIR.0125 Invalid TRUST option token0 MSIR.0485 $token0: token2 in line token3​,​ proc token4​,​ file token5 MSIR.0844 Previous undefined macro variable
MSIR.0126 Parameter missing for TRUST command MSIR.0486 $token0: token2 in line token3​,​ command level MSIR.0845 Parameter token0 is type incompatible
MSIR.0127 Insufficient storage to add entry for token0 MSIR.0487 $token0: token2 with no Sirius debug info MSIR.0846 NameAllowed not allowed after NameRequired
MSIR.0128 RESTART functionality being provided by SIRTUNE MSIR.0488 token0 not valid for JANUS token2 token3 command MSIR.0847 Value already specified for parameter token0
MSIR.0129 Insufficient storage to add RESTAUTH entry token0 MSIR.0489 Method not valid for JANUS WEB token0 token2 command MSIR.0848 Invalid InternalNames statement
MSIR.0130 token0 command only valid under CMS MSIR.0490 File​/​group list and commands too long for JANUS WEB token0 command MSIR.0849 No parameter named token0
MSIR.0131 USERID 'token0' too long for RESTAUTH command MSIR.0491 Assert: line token0​,​ proc token2​,​ file token3token4token5 MSIR.0850 Invalid parameter name token0
MSIR.0132 Restart utility is not running MSIR.0492 Assert: line token0​,​ command leveltoken2token3 MSIR.0851 Parameter name token0 in use
MSIR.0133 Restart utility is started MSIR.0493 Assert: no Sirius debug infotoken0token2 MSIR.0852 Daemon requires non-command-level input -- restarting
MSIR.0134 No JANUS token0 defined MSIR.0494 Assert info: token0 MSIR.0853 Master lost
MSIR.0135 Invalid token0 token2 MSIR.0495 Assert: line token0​,​ proc token2​,​ file token3token4token5 MSIR.0854 Compilation terminated -- token0 before token2
MSIR.0136 Invalid IP address token0 MSIR.0496 Assert: line token0​,​ command leveltoken2token3 MSIR.0855 token0 had token2​,​ but contains a direct or indirect reference to class token3​,​ which is not token4
MSIR.0137 Invalid port number token0 MSIR.0497 Assert: no Sirius debug infotoken0token2 MSIR.0856 Allow Auto not allowed for token0
MSIR.0138 INONLY invalid​,​ Janus Open Server support not linked in MSIR.0498 USER or USGROUP required on JANUS WEB ALLOW command when token0 specified MSIR.0857 Input object of class token0 not token2
MSIR.0139 OUTONLY invalid​,​ Janus Open Client support not linked in MSIR.0499 System​/​subsystem global substitution failed: GTBL full MSIR.0858 Class token0 had token2​,​ but extends class token3​,​ which is not token4
MSIR.0140 Can't define a remote server as both INONLY and OUTONLY MSIR.0500 Subcommand missing for SIRFACT command MSIR.0859 Statement requires token0 object
MSIR.0141 parameter value must be 10 characters or fewer MSIR.0501 Invalid SIRFACT subcommand 'token0' MSIR.0860 Can't extend token0
MSIR.0143 Can't add remote server to port token0 because not an OPENSERV port MSIR.0502 Missing entity for SIRFACT token0 command MSIR.0861 Class token0 repeatedly extended
MSIR.0144 Remote server token0 already added to port token2 MSIR.0503 Invalid entity token0 for SIRFACT token2 command MSIR.0862 Class token0 too big
MSIR.0145 Insufficient storage to add remote server token0 to port token2 MSIR.0504 Missing values for SIRFACT token0 token2 command MSIR.0863 CONSTRUCT only valid in constructor of an extension class
MSIR.0146 Remote server token0 added to port token2 MSIR.0505 Insufficient storage for SIRFACT command MSIR.0864 Class token0 is not a token2 class of token3
MSIR.0147 Can't delete remote server token0 from port token2​,​ a connection is active MSIR.0506 Invalid value token0 for SIRFACT token2 token3 command MSIR.0865 token0 is not a constructor for class token2
MSIR.0148 Remote server token0 deleted from port token2 MSIR.0507 Too many values for SIRFACT token0 token2 command MSIR.0866 CONSTRUCT invalid -- token0
MSIR.0149 SYBMSG(20149​,​14​,​1) token0 MSIR.0508 SIRFACT token0 already set for token2 MSIR.0867 Class token0 (maybe) not constructed
MSIR.0150 SYBMSG(4002​,​14​,​1) Login failed. MSIR.0509 Invalid type token0 for SIRFACT DISPLAY command MSIR.0868 Invalid %this reference -- class token0 not constructed
MSIR.0151 SYBMSG(20151​,​14​,​1) TDS version invalid. MSIR.0510 Cancelling request because of SIRFACT CANCEL $token0 token2 MSIR.0869 New disallowed in base class token0​,​ but not disallowed in Public block
MSIR.0152 SYBMSG(20152​,​14​,​1) Language request invalid on RPCONLY port. MSIR.0511 Error in $token0 call in line token2​,​ procedure token3​,​ file token4 MSIR.0870 Implied constructor before Public block of extension class token0
MSIR.0153 SYBMSG(20153​,​15​,​1) Invalid RPC parameter datatype received. MSIR.0512 Error in $token0 call in line token2 of command level program MSIR.0871 Error compiling implied Construct of class token0 for class token2
MSIR.0154 SYBMSG(20154​,​15​,​1) Length of variables and RPC parameters exceeds RBSIZE MSIR.0513 Error in $token0 call​,​ no Sirius debug info MSIR.0872 token0 not valid for token2
MSIR.0155 SYBMSG(20155​,​15​,​1) Invalid token0 stream received. MSIR.0514 token0 error in token2 call in line token3​,​ procedure token4​,​ file token5 MSIR.0873 IMPLEMENTS invalid -- token0
MSIR.0156 SYBMSG(20156​,​15​,​1) Unable to open server token0 token2 MSIR.0515 token0 error in token2 call from command level MSIR.0874 Class token0 contains unimplemented abstract methods
MSIR.0157 SYBMSG(20157​,​15​,​1) Invalid statement 'token0'. MSIR.0516 token0 error in token2 call​,​ no Sirius debug info MSIR.0875 Implements method inconsistent with base method
MSIR.0158 SYBMSG(131​,​15​,​1) The size (token0) given to the parameter 'token2' exceeds the maximum (255). MSIR.0517 Cancelling request because of $SIRPARM LISTFC setting (CCATEMP full) MSIR.0876 Can't create instance of abstract class
MSIR.0159 SYBMSG(20159​,​15​,​1) 'token0' statement invalid after EXEC statement. MSIR.0518 Cancelling request because of $SIRPARM LISTFC setting (limit exceeded) MSIR.0877 Invalid context for Super reference
MSIR.0160 SYBMSG(103​,​15​,​1) The identifier that starts with 'token0' is too long. MSIR.0519 Missing token0 value MSIR.0878 Starting daemon for USER token0
MSIR.0161 SYBMSG(20161​,​15​,​1) Unsupported syntax near 'token0'. MSIR.0520 Invalid token0 value token2​,​ must be number between 0 and token3 MSIR.0879 Error processing XML Schema document(s): token0
MSIR.0162 SYBMSG(20162​,​15​,​1) Unclosed quote before character string 'token0'. MSIR.0521 Invalid value for token0 in JANUS DEFINE command MSIR.0880 Error validating XML document instance: token0
MSIR.0163 SYBMSG(2715​,​16​,​1) Parameter 'token0' has an invalid datatype. MSIR.0522 Missing token0 for SIRFACT DUMP command MSIR.0881 token0 is an invalid inherit name
MSIR.0164 SYBMSG(102​,​15​,​1) Incorrect syntax near 'token0'. MSIR.0523 token0 value token2 too long for SIRFACT DUMP command MSIR.0882 token0 is not a member of class token2
MSIR.0165 SYBMSG(134​,​15​,​1) The variable name 'token0' has already been declared. MSIR.0524 token0 value token2 invalid for SIRFACT DUMP command MSIR.0883 Class token0 -- inherited classes token2 and token3 contain members with the same name
MSIR.0166 SYBMSG(156​,​15​,​1) Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'token0'. MSIR.0525 Invalid qualifier token0 for SIRFACT DUMP command MSIR.0884 token0: objects​/​VTBL​/​STBL - token2​/​token3​/​token4​,​ count​/​pages swapped token5​/​token6
MSIR.0167 SYBMSG(137​,​15​,​1) Must declare variable 'token0'. MSIR.0526 Couldn't install SirFact dump hooks MSIR.0885 MSGCTL NOCAN ignored for MSIR.token0
MSIR.0168 SYBMSG(20168​,​15​,​1) Unable to store value 'token0' into variable of type token2. MSIR.0527 Couldn't take SirFact dump - token0 MSIR.0886 Field token0 has invalid token2 type change between UAI and LAI
MSIR.0169 SYBMSG(20169​,​15​,​1) Implicit conversion from datatype 'token0' to 'token2' is not allowed. MSIR.0528 Starting SirFact server for USER token0 MSIR.0887 Can't auto-define LOB field with token0
MSIR.0170 SYBMSG(20170​,​15​,​1) Unsupported datatype 'token0'. MSIR.0529 Taking SirFact dump to proc token0 in file fileName MSIR.0888 Invalid LOB data​,​ RECNUM ​=​ token0​,​ field ​=​ token2
MSIR.0171 SYBMSG(179​,​15​,​1) Can't use OUTPUT option when passing a constant to a stored procedure. MSIR.0530 SirFact dump completed MSIR.0889 Classes nested too deeply
MSIR.0172 SYBMSG(119​,​15​,​1) Must pass parameter number token0 and subsequent parameters as '@name ​=​ value'. MSIR.0531 Message number required for SIRFACT token0 MSIR.0890 token0 request token2 made by token3
MSIR.0173 SYBMSG(20173​,​15​,​1) Request from server token0 at IP address token2 rejected​,​ remote server not defined. MSIR.0532 Invalid message number token0 for SIRFACT token2 MSIR.0891 token0 request token2 completed​,​ RC ​=​ token3
MSIR.0174 SYBMSG(20174​,​15​,​1) Request from server token0 at IP address token2 rejected​,​ already have incoming connection. MSIR.0533 Invalid character X'hexValue0' in token0 for JANUS WEB token2 command MSIR.0892 Input error: input record number: token0​,​ start position​/​length: token2​/​token3
MSIR.0175 SYBMSG(20175​,​15​,​1) Request from server token0 at IP address token2 rejected​,​ incoming connections not allowed. MSIR.0534 token0 can't end with escape (") character iin JANUS WEB token2 command MSIR.0893 Doing a token0 cancel of Fast​/​Unload request token2 -- token3
MSIR.0176 SYBMSG(20176​,​15​,​1) Request from server token0 at IP address token2 rejected​,​ couldn't resolve host name for VERIP. MSIR.0535 New password missing in post data MSIR.0894 Daemon restarting because token0
MSIR.0177 SYBMSG(20177​,​15​,​1) Request from server token0 at IP address token2 rejected​,​ source is not expected IP address. MSIR.0536 New password only appears once in post data MSIR.0895 Legacy Sessions may not be debugged.
MSIR.0178 Protocol error​,​ connection with server token0 at IP address token2 terminated. MSIR.0537 New password mismatch in post data MSIR.0896 Maximum number of nameservers (token0) exceeded
MSIR.0179 Unable to set up subchannel for server token0​,​ token2. MSIR.0538 SirSafe is OPTIONAL​,​ visible passwords not allowed MSIR.0897 Nameserver IP address required if none defined yet
MSIR.0180 RECV error​,​ rc ​=​ token0​,​ errno ​=​ token2 MSIR.0539 Only one WEBRUN allowed in JANUS WEB ON command MSIR.0898 Attempt to re-use keep-alive connection failed -- connection was lost
MSIR.0181 Unexpected token hexValue0 received connection with server token0 at IP address token2 terminated. MSIR.0540 Janus DBCS parameter invalid when DBCSENV0 MSIR.0899 Invalid argument token0 for token2 -- token3
MSIR.0182 Message from server - Msg token0​,​ Level token2​,​ State token3: MSIR.0541 SirSafe: missing required external authorization evironment MSIR.0900 SDAEMDEV and TNDEV can't have the same value
MSIR.0183 Message from server - Msg token0​,​ Level token2​,​ State token3: MSIR.0542 Cannot delete SirSafe until all visible passwords removed MSIR.0901 Can't define IODEVs with TNDEV number in CCAIN stream
MSIR.0184 Message from server - Server 'token0'​,​ Procedure 'token2'​,​ Line token3: MSIR.0543 Invalid AUTHCTL syntax. Expected OPTIONAL or REQUIRED​,​ got "token0" MSIR.0902 Can't define token0 port​,​ TNDEV system parameter not set
MSIR.0185 Message from server - token0 MSIR.0544 Invalid interface name: token0 MSIR.0903 token0 protocol error
MSIR.0186 Connection to server token0 terminated​,​ insufficient RPC buffer space MSIR.0545 Security group name not provided MSIR.0904 Terminating connection: token0
MSIR.0187 Connection to server token0 terminated​,​ unsupported datatype received MSIR.0546 Value too long: "token0" MSIR.0905 token0 requires token2
MSIR.0188 Connection to server token0 terminated​,​ return code token2 from token3 MSIR.0547 Too many rules: token0​=​token2 MSIR.0906 SIRTUNE - Invalid command token0
MSIR.0189 token0 SDAEMON (USER token2) still active port token3 MSIR.0548 Group mask is invalid: "token0" MSIR.0907 SIRTUNE - Invalid token0 parameter token2
MSIR.0190 Error creating User Language proc MSIR.0549 Asterisk must be last character of mask: "token0" MSIR.0908 SIRTUNE - Invalid token0 range token2 token3
MSIR.0191 Error compiling User Language proc MSIR.0550 SirSafe rules do not allow current security environment (token0 token2) MSIR.0909 SIRTUNE - Parameter missing for token0 command
MSIR.0192 No token0 defined in token2 MSIR.0551 SirSafe is token0 for current CCASTAT MSIR.0910 SIRTUNE - Errors in SIRTUNEI​,​ run cancelled
MSIR.0193 Port token0 reloaded MSIR.0552 SirSafe: external authorization not active MSIR.0911 SIRTUNE - Initialization complete
MSIR.0194 SDAEMON for port token0 is logging off MSIR.0553 token0 (token2​,​token3) token4 to token5 tried by SirSafe MSIR.0912 SIRTUNE - Already running under SIRTUNE task
MSIR.0195 Invalid value token0 for token2 in record token3 of token4 MSIR.0554 SirSafe disallowed password access MSIR.0913 Debugger token0
MSIR.0196 Missing value for token0 in record token2 of token3 MSIR.0555 BPX token0 error for user token2​,​ retval ​=​ token3​,​ retcode ​=​ token4 reason ​=​ hexValue0: token5 - token6 MSIR.0914 Debugger Error: token0
MSIR.0197 Error opening token0 token2 MSIR.0556 Unable to initialize BPX API MSIR.0915 Debugging is on: client is token0 port token2​,​ sessionID: token3
MSIR.0198 Insufficient CCATEMP for token0 tables MSIR.0557 SirSafe approved password access MSIR.0916 Could not connect to client at token0 port token2: token3
MSIR.0199 No columns defined for table token0 MSIR.0558 SirFact global error: GTBL full MSIR.0917 User's pushdown list overflowed during regular expression token0
MSIR.0200 Sirius Fast​/​Backup Restore is using full token0 I​/​O MSIR.0559 WEBLOGCOOKIE and WEBPUBLOG are mutually eclusive parameters MSIR.0918 Debugging terminated​,​ DEBUGPAG exceeded.
MSIR.0201 Invalid NBUFF parameter MSIR.0560 Invalid zap for Sirius customization: token0 MSIR.0919 Object's class (token0) not token2
MSIR.0202 Invalid DUMP option 'token0' MSIR.0561 token0token2: token3 in line token4​,​ procedure token5​,​ file token6 MSIR.0920 Debugger client has requested: token0 token2 token3
MSIR.0203 Unsupported format for DDNAME 'token0' MSIR.0562 token0token2: token3 in line token4 of command level program MSIR.0921 Debugger worker was posted​,​ state: token0
MSIR.0204 Invalid RESTORE option 'token0' MSIR.0563 token0token2: token3​,​ no Sirius debug info MSIR.0922 Debugger worker posts debuggee: token0
MSIR.0205 CCATEMP usage exceeded limit MSIR.0564 !IF stack overflow MSIR.0923 Debugger breakpoint set at quad: token0
MSIR.0206 Insufficient CCATEMP pages remaining to continue MSIR.0565 Unexpected token0 MSIR.0924 Debugger breakpoint maximum exceeded
MSIR.0207 File must be created with current release for SIRFIELD MSIR.0566 Duplicate !ELSE invalid MSIR.0926 Connection to debugger from token0 token2
MSIR.0208 SIRFIELDtoken0 command not allowed after record added to file MSIR.0567 !DUPEXIT invalid at command level MSIR.0927 Debugger session refused: token0
MSIR.0209 Expecting token0 on SIRFIELDtoken2 command​,​ foundtoken3 token4 MSIR.0568 Extra data at end of token0 invalid MSIR.0928 Debugging session begins​,​ external user number: token0 internal user number: token2
MSIR.0210 SIRFIELDtoken0 command failed MSIR.0569 Macro language error​,​ token0 MSIR.0929 Janus​/​Tn3270 Debugger worker terminated: token0
MSIR.0211 Field on SIRFIELD RELATE does not have FORMAT: token0 MSIR.0570 Variable missing for token0 MSIR.0930 Debugger worker freed for user: token0
MSIR.0212 Previous SIRFIELD token0 RELATE (token2) differs from new value: token3 MSIR.0571 Procname length >​=​ LAUDPROC for naked !DUPEXIT MSIR.0931 Debugger worker draining for user: token0
MSIR.0213 Previous SIRFIELD token0 token2 format (token3) differs from new value: token4 MSIR.0572 STAT must be linked in for PERFOPT2 X'10' to be set. MSIR.0932 Debugger worker drained for user: token0 at token2
MSIR.0214 Too many SIRFIELD commands for file fileName MSIR.0573 SSL client trying to use unsupported protocol: token0 MSIR.0933 Janus​/​Tn3270 Debugger status: token0​=​token2
MSIR.0215 Invalid token0 on SIRFIELDtoken2 command: token3 MSIR.0574 No SSL ports named token0 defined MSIR.0934 Debugger: skipping procedure: token0
MSIR.0216 Option for SIRFIELD SET command already set or excluded: token0 MSIR.0575 token0: token2 in line token3​,​ procedure token4​,​ file token5 MSIR.0935 Debug: suspend session while debugging
MSIR.0217 No year specified in SIRFIELD date format: token0 MSIR.0576 token0: token2 in line token3 of command level program MSIR.0936 Debug: suspend session while skipping
MSIR.0218 SYBMSG(20218​,​14​,​1) Error in Model 204 processing - see audit trail MSIR.0577 token0: token2​,​ no Sirius debug info MSIR.0937 Debug: resume session while debugging
MSIR.0219 token0 not allowed on SIRFIELD FORMAT command with 3- or 4-digit year MSIR.0578 Public login MSIR.0938 Debug: resume session while skipping
MSIR.0220 token0 not supported by Fast​/​Reload​,​ program being passed to standard token2 MSIR.0579 token0 PRSTOK item: token2 MSIR.0939 token0 table too small; increase token2 by at least token3
MSIR.0221 FILELOAD Compiler token0​,​ program being passed to standard token2 MSIR.0580 Invalid statement parameter token0 MSIR.0940 Bumping asynchronous daemon (user token0) for object discard
MSIR.0222 Can't pass off to token0​,​ invalid FRELPREV of token2 MSIR.0581 Missing value for token0 MSIR.0941 Debugger error on token0 port: token2
MSIR.0223 Can't pass off to token0​,​ FRELPREV procedure token2 currently open MSIR.0582 Value invalid or too long for token0 MSIR.0942 Debugger token0 port defaulted to token2
MSIR.0224 Can't pass off to token0​,​ unable to open FRELPREV procedure token2 for output MSIR.0583 Expression longer than LIBUFF MSIR.0943 Request cancel performed from debugger
MSIR.0225 Can't pass off to token0​,​ insufficient CCATEMP MSIR.0584 Invalid expression MSIR.0944 Invalid operand of Is Defined test: token0
MSIR.0226 Can't pass off to token0​,​ FLOD$ not linked in MSIR.0585 Userid or user number required for SIRFACT SNAP MSIR.0945 token0 field (token2) in line token3​,​ procedure token4​,​ file token5
MSIR.0227 Can't pass off to token0​,​ already at maximum include level MSIR.0586 Multiple users logged on as token0​,​ must specify SIRFACT SNAP usernum MSIR.0946 token0 field (token2) in line token3 of command level program
MSIR.0228 Invalid input page sequence number: token0​,​ expected: token2 MSIR.0587 User token0 not logged on MSIR.0947 token0 field (token2)​,​ no Sirius debug info
MSIR.0229 Field causing error ​=​ fieldname MSIR.0588 Invalid SIRFACT token0 parameter token2 MSIR.0949 Fast​/​Reload token0
MSIR.0230 Missing token0 on APPDATE command MSIR.0589 User holds critical file resources​,​ specify SIRFACT SNAP user FORCE to force snap MSIR.0950 Longstring value longer than 255 bytes while processing Initial clause
MSIR.0231 Invalid token0 on APPDATE command: token2 MSIR.0590 SIRFACT SNAP impossible with NSERVS​=​1 MSIR.0951 token0token2: token3​,​ while processing Initial clause
MSIR.0232 Expecting token0 on APPDATE command​,​ found: token2 MSIR.0591 Current​/​user being snapped server sizes make SIRFACT SNAP impossible MSIR.0952 SUSPEND only valid after TN3270 DEBUG ON
MSIR.0233 Unexpected parameter on APPDATE command: token0 MSIR.0592 User token0​,​ SIRFACT SNAP impossible MSIR.0953 Debugging already suspended.
MSIR.0234 Target time token0 but reference time token2 on APPDATE command MSIR.0593 User too busy doing journal or checkpoint I​/​O for SirFact dump MSIR.0954 RESUME only valid after SUSPEND
MSIR.0235 APPDATE requires SYSTEM before USER 0 parameter line MSIR.0594 SIRFACT SNAP issued by user token0 (token2) MSIR.0955 Debugging suspended
MSIR.0236 APPDATE and SYSDATE cannot coexist MSIR.0595 User already being SIRFACT SNAP'ed by user token0 MSIR.0956 Debugging resumed
MSIR.0237 RELATE of pair of 2-digit year fields not allowed MSIR.0596 Cancelling request due to lost Janus Sockets connection ID token0​,​ print was captured MSIR.0957 Debug: suspend late session
MSIR.0238 Pair of token0 not allowed on SIRFIELD FORMAT command MSIR.0597 SirSafe: (token0​,​token2) checking R​/​W to token3 on token4 MSIR.0958 Debug: resume late session
MSIR.0239 Duplicate EXCEPTIONS value on SIRFIELD RELATE command: token0 MSIR.0598 SirSafe: R​/​W access token0 MSIR.0959 TCPLOG cannot be specified with either COMPRESS or SSL options
MSIR.0240 Insufficent Table D space for SIRFIELDtoken0 command MSIR.0599 SirSafe read-only file checking is token0 MSIR.0960 Debugger refeshing audit trail on client
MSIR.0241 token0 specified twice on SIRFIELD token2 command MSIR.0600 No requests found to debug for JAN(US)DEB(UG) command MSIR.0961 Debugger terminated run until​/​white list
MSIR.0242 Expecting 'token0' on APPDATE command​,​ found: token2 MSIR.0601 JAN(US)DEB(UG) not valid on an SDAEMON thread MSIR.0962 Debugger source preview: token0
MSIR.0243 'token0' conflicts with previous DATE_ERR keyword on APPDATE command MSIR.0602 JAN(US)DEB(UG) commands cannot be nested MSIR.0963 Missing token0 on UNICODE command
MSIR.0244 Value token0 format in file fileName record token2 token3 ​=​ token4 MSIR.0603 Insufficient storage for JAN(US)DEB(UG) command MSIR.0964 Invalid token0 on UNICODE command: 'token2'
MSIR.0245 Date out of range in file fileName record token0 token2 ​=​ token3 MSIR.0604 No INCLUDE levels available for JAN(US)DEB(UG) MSIR.0965 Expecting token0 on UNICODE command​,​ found: 'token2'
MSIR.0246 Unknown token0 on SIRFIELDtoken2 comand: token3 MSIR.0605 Connection being debugged lost MSIR.0966 Error processing UNICODE command: token0
MSIR.0248 SIRFIELDtoken0 of token2 field not allowed MSIR.0606 Severe error in request being debugged MSIR.0967 token0 not legal for FILEORG​=​X'100' file
MSIR.0249 SIRFIELD constraint violation MSIR.0607 Waiting for JAN(US)DEB(UG) request MSIR.0968 SIRFIELD updates not valid when doing roll-forward logging
MSIR.0250 token0 SDAEMON started by USER token2 MSIR.0608 Issuing token0 CMD 'token2' MSIR.0969 Warning: token0 fields in first occurrence of fieldgroup token2​,​ token3 in last occurrence​,​ recnum token4​,​ unloaded file recnum number
MSIR.0251 SYBMSG(41101​,​15​,​1) Unable to process language request from Sybase Server. MSIR.0609 Sending response with WEB status token0 token2 MSIR.0970 Invalid use of 'token0' directive: token2
MSIR.0252 SYBMSG(41101​,​15​,​1) token0 full​,​ can't process request. MSIR.0610 Debugging token0 token2 from token3 MSIR.0971 token0 not valid after a TO clause
MSIR.0253 SYBMSG(41101​,​15​,​1) Can't open token0 token2​,​ can't process request MSIR.0611 JAN(US)DEB(UG) finished MSIR.0972 Exception class can't extend non-extension class
MSIR.0254 Invalid COLUMN numbers for TABLE token0 MSIR.0612 Issuing token0 command 'token2' MSIR.0973 THROWS invalid -- token0
MSIR.0255 SYBMSG(41101​,​15​,​1) Table token0 not found. MSIR.0613 Looking for token0 exception handler MSIR.0974 TRY invalid -- token0
MSIR.0256 SYBMSG(41101​,​15​,​1) Column token0 not found for table token2 MSIR.0614 Running token0 exception handler MSIR.0975 CATCH invalid -- token0
MSIR.0257 SYBMSG(41101​,​15​,​1) token0 access is not allowed for table token2 by user token3. MSIR.0615 Subsystem token0 too long​,​ must be 11 characters or shorter MSIR.0976 FINALLY invalid -- token0
MSIR.0258 SYBMSG(41101​,​15​,​1) Column token0 not found. MSIR.0616 Filename token0 too long​,​ must be 9 characters or shorter MSIR.0977 THROW invalid -- token0
MSIR.0259 SYBMSG(41101​,​15​,​1) Ambiguous column name token0. MSIR.0617 Connection from token0 terminated​,​ terminal input required MSIR.0978 Attempt to store string with negative length (token0) in record token2​,​ field ignored: token3
MSIR.0260 SYBMSG(41101​,​15​,​1) Unable to process request because of invisible field constraints. MSIR.0618 token0 ports not supported with TCPTYPE​=​token2 MSIR.0979 Reference to left side ("@" phrase) invalid: token0
MSIR.0261 Establishing client connection to port token0​,​ remote server token2 MSIR.0619 Connection request rejected for port token0 due to DRAIN or FORCE MSIR.0980 Invalid assignment to token0 variable
MSIR.0262 Unable to load KNETAPPL MSIR.0620 Invalid data in token0 table at line token2​,​ reason hexValue0 MSIR.0981 Enhancement methods token0
MSIR.0263 Error token0 initializing KNET interface MSIR.0621 Invalid number of characters in table​,​ 512 characters required MSIR.0982 Exception On method token0
MSIR.0264 KNET token0 error - Event Code ​=​ token2​,​ Return Code ​=​ token3 MSIR.0622 Insufficient memory for Janus translate tables MSIR.0983 Constant method token0 requires token2 constant input
MSIR.0265 TCPTYPE of 'KNET' is only valid under MVS MSIR.0623 Procedure token0 in token2 token3 - token4 MSIR.0984 Class token0​,​ token2 token3: token4​,​ compilation
MSIR.0266 No K-ROUTINES SLU'S available MSIR.0624 Unable to open token0 token2 MSIR.0985 token0 member type missing or invalid
MSIR.0267 Only token0 K-ROUTINES SLU'S available MSIR.0625 Translate table token0 is not defined MSIR.0986 token0 alias not allowed for token2
MSIR.0269 token0 name missing for JANUS token2 command MSIR.0626 Invalid or missing Janus LOADXT parameter MSIR.0987 token0 variables only allowed in token2
MSIR.0270 token0 missing for JANUS token2 command MSIR.0627 No Janus Sockets ports named token0 defined which have rules MSIR.0988 Only Persistent​/​Shared variables allowed in Property block
MSIR.0271 token0 name must be 30 characters or fewer MSIR.0628 Invalid JANUS DISPLAYSOCK type - token0 MSIR.0989 Variable declarations token0
MSIR.0272 Maximum of token0 token2 exceeded for JANUS token3 COMMAND MSIR.0629 Connection request rejected due to JANUS SRVSOCK rule MSIR.0990 Common properties can't have parameters
MSIR.0273 token0 token2 already defined MSIR.0630 token0 missing for JANUS token2 command MSIR.0991 Can't format user PDL: token0
MSIR.0274 token0 token2 not found MSIR.0631 Invalid token0 for JANUS token2 command MSIR.0992 Local subroutine must be called via %(local): or Call
MSIR.0275 token0 token2 can't be deleted because it is associated with ALLOW rules MSIR.0632 Invalid parameter token0 for JANUS token2 command MSIR.0993 Assignment invalid: token0
MSIR.0276 token0 token2 defined MSIR.0633 Can't open file token0 for ADDCA MSIR.0994 Variable method invocation invalid: token0
MSIR.0277 token0 token2 deleted MSIR.0634 Can't open proc token0 for ADDCA - token2 MSIR.0995 (token0) Garbage collection completed in token2ms realtime with token3ms CPU time. Discarded token4​/​token5 objects.
MSIR.0278 Invalid port name token0 MSIR.0635 Invalid certificate - token0 MSIR.0996 Incomplete !debugger directive
MSIR.0279 Invalid REMOTE server name token0 MSIR.0636 Insufficient storage to token0 MSIR.0997 Invalid !debugger directive: token0
MSIR.0280 Userid token0 too long​,​ must be 11 characters or shorter MSIR.0637 Warning: certificate expires in token0 days MSIR.0998 !debugger token0 must be ON​,​ OFF​,​ PROC or ROUTINE​,​ not token2
MSIR.0281 JANUS token0 rule type missing MSIR.0638 Can't add CA to port token0 because not an SSL port MSIR.0999 Exclude of lines from debugger started at include level token0
MSIR.0282 Invalid JANUS token0 rule type token2 MSIR.0639 File token0​,​ proc token2 already added as CA to port token3 MSIR.1000 Exclude of lines from debugger ended: token0 total lines were excluded
MSIR.0283 JANUS WEB URL missing MSIR.0640 Identical certificate already added to port token0 from file token2​,​ proc token3 MSIR.1001 token0 already token2
MSIR.0284 token0 value missing for JANUS token2 token3 command MSIR.0641 Insufficient storage to add CA from file token0​,​ proc token2 to port token3 MSIR.1002 More than token0 token2 blocks defined
MSIR.0285 token0 specified twice in JANUS token2 token3 command MSIR.0642 Added CA 'token0' from file token2​,​ proc token3 to port token4 MSIR.1003 token0 Debugger Exclude block(s) defined
MSIR.0286 Can't specify both token0 and token2 in JANUS token3 token4 command MSIR.0643 No ports named token0 with CA's from file token2​,​ proc token3 defined MSIR.1004 Lines token0-token2 excluded from the debugger
MSIR.0287 Invalid parameter token0 in JANUS token2 token3 command MSIR.0644 CA from file token0​,​ proc token2 deleted from port token3 MSIR.1005 Quads token0-token2 excluded from the debugger
MSIR.0288 token0 missing for JANUS token2 token3 command MSIR.0645 Error connecting with SSL to token0​,​ port token2 - token3 MSIR.1006 Include of lines started within exclude block at include level token0
MSIR.0289 JANUS token0 command does not apply to non-token2 port token3 MSIR.0646 Error requesting client certificate - token0 MSIR.1007 Include of token0 lines within exclude block ended
MSIR.0290 Insufficient storage to add JANUS token0 token2 to port token3 MSIR.0647 SSL fatal alert received​,​ AlertDescription ​=​ token0 MSIR.1008 !debugger include must be inside exclude block
MSIR.0291 IP address is not a subnet in token0 MSIR.0648 SSL closure alert received MSIR.1009 Invalid name​/​pattern on !debugger directive
MSIR.0292 JANUS token0 token2 added to port token3 MSIR.0649 token0 too long for JANUS command MSIR.1010 Proc token0 excluded by the debugger
MSIR.0293 token0 JANUS token2 token3(S) for port token4 pre-empted MSIR.0650 NEWSESCMD error -- token0 MSIR.1011 Proc token0 included by the debugger
MSIR.0294 Invalid JANUS DISPLAYWEB type - token0 MSIR.0651 token0 for $LIST_CAPTURE'ed data in line token2​,​ procedure token3​,​ file token4 MSIR.1012 Routine​/​Method token0 excluded by the debugger
MSIR.0295 No ports named token0 with WEB token2s for URL token3 defined. MSIR.0652 token0 for $LIST_CAPTURE'ed data at command level MSIR.1013 Routine​/​Method token0 included by the debugger
MSIR.0296 No token0s defined MSIR.0653 token0 for $LIST_CAPTURE'ed data​,​ no Sirius debug info MSIR.1014 Debugger: compiling routine​/​method: token0
MSIR.0297 No token0s named token2 defined MSIR.0654 Macro variable token0 not defined MSIR.1015 token0 requires at least token2 of Model 204
MSIR.0298 Maximum connections missing for JANUS DEFINE command MSIR.0655 URL too long for token0 session MSIR.1016 Print To not supported for LOB fields
MSIR.0299 token0 not valid for method token2 in JANUS WEB token3 command MSIR.0656 GET received while waiting for POST - session terminated MSIR.1017 token0 not allowed for collection of intrinsics
MSIR.0300 Using full track I​/​O MSIR.0657 User pressed EXITKEY button - session terminating MSIR.1018 Success invalid -- token0
MSIR.0301 Using disk buffer monitor MSIR.0658 Persistent​/​legacy session on port token0 terminated​,​ about to exceed site's token2 connection limit MSIR.1019 Debugger: token0​=​'token2'​,​ hex​=​X'hexValue0'
MSIR.0302 Unable to continue because FTONLY specified MSIR.0659 Non-logged-in SDAEMON terminating MSIR.1020 Debugger: token0​=​X'hexValue0'
MSIR.0303 SORT​/​HASH key out of order MSIR.0660 Null string invalid in token0 clause of JANUS token2 command MSIR.1021 Debugger: Set target token0 is type: token2
MSIR.0304 Switching to disk buffer monitor MSIR.0661 Snap taken​,​ user bumped by BUMPSNAP command MSIR.1022 Debugger: Unicode data: hex​=​X'hexValue0'
MSIR.0305 Can't add to end of file MSIR.0662 Version of Fast​/​Unload does not support token0 MSIR.1023 Debugger: commandString​=​'token0'
MSIR.0306 SORT​/​HASH key can't be appended to file MSIR.0664 token0 MSIR.1024 CLIENTCOMMAND ignored: not debugging
MSIR.0307 Can't mix LAI and non-LAI statements MSIR.0665 token0 MSIR.1025 CLIENTCOMMAND requires Build 53 minimum
MSIR.0308 Can't run LAI against Pre-Release8 files MSIR.0666 You probably want JANUS TRACE or SIRIUS DEBUG MSIR.1026 Debugger: sending CLIENTCOMMAND​=​'token0'
MSIR.0309 Can't reload data from obsolete version of Fast​/​Unload MSIR.0667 Janus Sockets token0 failed: token2tokentoken3 MSIR.1027 CLIENTCOMMAND string missing
MSIR.0310 token0 version requires newer version of Fast​/​Reload to load data MSIR.0668 XML doc parse error: token0 near or before position token2 token3 MSIR.1028 Debugger: procedure token0 will be debugged
MSIR.0311 Input data was not created with required HASH​/​SORT key MSIR.0669 token0 cancelled MSIR.1029 Attribute error: token0
MSIR.0312 Input HASH​/​SORT key does not match key in database file MSIR.0670 CSI TCP token0 error - Return code ​=​ token2 MSIR.1030 Attribute token0 missing
MSIR.0313 Unable to initialize ordered index​,​ Table D probably too small MSIR.0671 Unable to locate phase token0 in SVA MSIR.1031 token0 must be followed by assignment to target
MSIR.0314 Premature EOF hexValue0 for TAPEI MSIR.0672 TCPTYPE of 'token0' is only valid under VSE MSIR.1032 Object not allowed as target of SetText
MSIR.0315 Format error hexValue0 in TAPEI MSIR.0673 Can't initialize Janus​,​ no Open MVS segment defined MSIR.1033 token0 statement too complicated
MSIR.0316 LAI cancelled MSIR.0674 token0 not supported for LONGSTRING's MSIR.1034 Invalid context for token0
MSIR.0317 Terminal input not supported by Fast​/​Reload MSIR.0675 Missing token0 on token2 command MSIR.1035 Debugger: addWatch 'token0'
MSIR.0318 Unsupported input format MSIR.0676 Invalid token0 on token2 command: token3 MSIR.1036 Recompiling because of FACTDEB X'01'
MSIR.0319 token0 support is not authorized MSIR.0677 Unknown $function: token0 MSIR.1037 Fast​/​Reload token0
MSIR.0320 $LIST capacity exceeded MSIR.0678 token0 MSIR.1038 Time: token0 seconds to process token2
MSIR.0321 Error in $token0 call in line token2​,​ procedure token3​,​ file token4 - token5 MSIR.0679 token0 MSIR.1039 Debugger: PAI mode set on SORT
MSIR.0322 Error in $token0 call in line token2 of command level program - token3 MSIR.0680 LONGSTRING error: truncation in line token0​,​ procedure token2​,​ file token3 MSIR.1040 Debugger: 'token0' matches pattern 'token2'
MSIR.0323 Error in $token0 call​,​ no Sirius debug info - token2 MSIR.0681 LONGSTRING error: truncation in line token0 of command level program MSIR.1041 Debugger: matching 'token0' against 'token2'
MSIR.0324 Cancelling request because of $token0 error MSIR.0682 LONGSTRING error: truncation​,​ no Sirius debug info MSIR.1042 Delaying user token0 for MAXAUSER
MSIR.0325 $token0 - no arguments specified MSIR.0683 Invalid parameter token0 MSIR.1043 Error defining field token0 in LAI
MSIR.0326 $token0 - argument token2 ​=​ 'token3' MSIR.0684 $LIST parameter missing MSIR.1044 Invalid DEFAULT-VALUE: token0
MSIR.0327 Unexpected word on SIRFIELDtoken0 commandtoken2 token3 MSIR.0685 token0 near or before position token2: MSIR.1045 Invalid mix of UTF attributes in group field token0
MSIR.0328 SIRFIELD ALIAS error: token0 token2 already defined MSIR.0686 token0 full: token2 MSIR.1046 PUSHUTABLE already done at current INCLUDE level
MSIR.0329 After SIRFIELDtoken0​,​ fieldname token2 is no longer produced by PAI because related fieldname token3 now is MSIR.0687 SirSafe enhanced shared DASD not active​,​ run SirEnq on token0 (token2) MSIR.1047 CCATEMP full​,​ PUSHUTABLE failed
MSIR.0330 After SIRFIELDtoken0​,​ alias token2 of field token3 is no longer produced by PAI because related fieldname token4 now is MSIR.0688 SirSafe enhanced shared DASD active on token0 (token2) MSIR.1048 No PUSHUTABLE done at current INCLUDE level
MSIR.0331 After SIRFIELDtoken0​,​ fieldname token2 is no longer produced by PAI because alias token3 of related field token4 now is MSIR.0689 SirSafe Shared DASD visible system: token0 MSIR.1049 token0 POPUTABLE failed -- token2
MSIR.0332 No SIRFIELD information in file fileName MSIR.0690 Janus Web content compressed by token0 percent from token2 to token3 bytes MSIR.1050 Session object token0 has direct or indirect reference to token2 locked record(s)
MSIR.0333 No SIRFIELD attributes for token0 MSIR.0691 XMLDoc internal error MSIR.1051 Session object token0 has direct or indirect reference to token2 locked record(s)
MSIR.0334 token0 not allowed on SIRFIELD FORMAT command of related field MSIR.0692 Insufficient storage for compression data structures MSIR.1052 RETHROW invalid -- token0
MSIR.0335 Fields previously specified in other order on SIRFIELD RELATE command MSIR.0693 Error may be due to limited XPath support in Janus SOAP (token0) MSIR.1053 Statement after Rethrow must be Catch​,​ Rethrow​,​ Success​,​ or End Try
MSIR.0336 SET PAI and REFERENCE CANCEL are conflicting SIRFIELD attributes MSIR.0694 Insufficient storage for new subsystem procedure MSIR.1054 Debugger daemon limit hit​,​ daemon not debugged
MSIR.0337 After SIRFIELDtoken0​,​ alias token2 of field token3 is no longer produced by PAI because alias token4 of related field token5 now is MSIR.0695 Insufficient storage to save new compilation MSIR.1055 token0 record locking conflict with user token2 (token3) for file token4​,​ record number token5
MSIR.0338 After SIRFIELDtoken0​,​ alias token2 of field token3 is no longer produced by PAI because token4 token5 now is MSIR.0696 Saved compilation not used - token0 MSIR.1056 token0 token2 lock was obtained by user token3 at token4
MSIR.0339 After SIRFIELDtoken0​,​ fieldname token2 is no longer produced by PAI because alias token3 now is MSIR.0697 Procedure file has invalid deferred name format MSIR.1058 More than SNAPLIMD occurrences of this snap​,​ snap not generatedtoken0
MSIR.0340 Warning: token0 token2 has SIRFIELD SET attributes PAI and REFERENCE WARN MSIR.0698 Subsystem name missing for SIRFACT token0 MSIR.1059 SNAPLIMD table token0
MSIR.0341 SIRFIELD DELETE not allowed for alias which is current PAI name MSIR.0699 SIRFACT token0 not valid if X'80' bit not set in SIRFACT parameter MSIR.1060 Unexpected word on token0 command: "token2"
MSIR.0342 SIRFIELD RELATE not allowed for field which has FORMAT token0 MSIR.0700 Invalid parameter token0 for SIRFACT token2 MSIR.1061 token0 bug: hexValue0​/​hexValue2​/​hexValue3token2
MSIR.0343 File has been updated with incompatible version of Sir2000 Field Migration facility: token0.token2(token3) MSIR.0701 Subsystem token0 not started MSIR.1062 In lieu of snap: token0
MSIR.0344 token0 token2 referenced in file fileName and CANCEL set by SIRFIELD command MSIR.0702 Subsystem token0 not quiesced MSIR.1063 Screen token0 only allowed in standalone call
MSIR.0345 token0 token2 referenced in file fileName and WARN set by SIRFIELD command MSIR.0703 Subsystem token0 resumed MSIR.1064 XMLSCREEN error: token0
MSIR.0346 Attempt to define field token0 which is already SIRFIELD ALIAS for field token2 MSIR.0704 Subsystem token0 quiesced MSIR.1065 XMLSCREEN Exit pfKey received
MSIR.0347 File fileName cannot be opened because it has SIRFIELD information and SIRFIELD is unavailable MSIR.0705 Subsystem token0 resumed before quiesce completed MSIR.1066 Debugger: white list scan
MSIR.0348 token0 may not be specified on SIRFIELD FORMAT command because datetime format has not been specified MSIR.0706 Subsystem token0 not quiesced within token2 seconds MSIR.1067 Debugger: black list scan
MSIR.0349 New CENTSPAN​/​SPANSIZE (token0​/​token2) does not fully contain old values (token3​/​token4) MSIR.0707 Invalid SIRFACT QUIESCE WAIT time token0 MSIR.1068 FACTDEB set to 0 because token0
MSIR.0350 Invalid IP address in token0 MSIR.0708 token0: token2 token3 MSIR.1069 Debugger: proc​=​token0 old-level​=​token2 new-level​=​token3 token4
MSIR.0351 Invalid subnet mask in token0 MSIR.0709 token0 MSIR.1070 Port token0 draining because of accept error
MSIR.0352 Invalid subnet bit count in token0 MSIR.0710 XML doc parse error: token0 near or before position token2 token3 MSIR.1071 token0 only valid in Shared block
MSIR.0353 Insufficient Web request buffer space MSIR.0711 token0 MSIR.1072 token0 is already a friend of token2
MSIR.0354 Web request has invalid format MSIR.0712 token0: token2 token3 MSIR.1073 Public friend not allowed for public class
MSIR.0355 Web request field is too long MSIR.0713 XMLDoc with over 16M items MSIR.1074 token0 not allowed because token2 is a private class
MSIR.0356 Procedure token0 in token2 token3 - token4 MSIR.0714 token0 name token2 already used (hexValue0) MSIR.1075 Not all ciphers supported on this hardware; SSLCIPH reset to X'new SSLCIPH'
MSIR.0357 Web post entity has invalid format MSIR.0715 Can't create new token0 token2 (hexValue0) MSIR.1076 Debugger: RUNUNTIL continued into DAEMON
MSIR.0358 $WEB_PROCSEND Error - token0 MSIR.0718 Equals symbol required after token0 MSIR.1077 Begin debug session​,​ user token0​,​ client: token2 (token3)
MSIR.0359 WEB status token0 token2 MSIR.0719 Value missing for token0 MSIR.1078 End debug session​,​ user token0
MSIR.0360 Unable to open token0 token2 token3 MSIR.0720 token0 name token2 already in use as token3 MSIR.1079 Debugger Client Build: token0 < MINDEBCL: token2 debugger client connection refused