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This derived page contains the list of all methods.

Method/Enumeration valueClass/EnumerationDescription
AbsoluteFloatAbsolute value of a number
ActionKeyScreenReturn name of key that activated last screen read
AddArraylistAdd Arraylist items
AddJsonAdd an item to a JSON array
AddStringlistAdd strings to Stringlist
AddAttributeXmlNodeAdd Attribute to Element node
AddBCCEmailAdd a BCCd mail recipient
AddCCEmailAdd a CCd mail recipient
AddCommentXmlDocAdd Comment to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddCommentXmlNodeAdd Comment to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddElementXmlDocAdd Element to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddElementXmlNodeAdd Element to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddFieldHttpRequestAdd a form field to the request
AddFieldScreenAdd a field to an instance of a screen object
AddHeaderEmailAdd an SMTP request header
AddHeaderHttpRequestAdd a request header
AddImageStringlistAdd image as new Stringlist item
AddLongstringHttpRequestAdd a longstring to POST data for this request
AddNamespaceXmlNodeAdd namespace declaration to Element node
AddOrderedStringlistAdd an item to an ordered Stringlist
AddOrderedUniqueStringlistConditionally add an item to an ordered Stringlist
AddPartEmailAdd one or more attachments
AddPIXmlDocAdd Processing Instruction to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddPIXmlNodeAdd Processing Instruction to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddRecipientEmailAdd a mail recipient
AddRecordRecordsetAdd Record object record to a Recordset
AddRecordsetRecordsetAdd a Recordset's records to a Recordset
AddRecordsetNewRecordsetCombine two RecordSets to produce a third
AddSubtreeXmlDocCopy subtree to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddSubtreeXmlNodeCopy subtree to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddTextXmlNodeAdd Text child to Element node
AddTopElementXmlDocAdd new top element to XmlDoc
AddToRecordXmlDocAdd fields and/or fieldgroups to the current record
AddUniqueStringlistConditionally add an item to a Stringlist
AddUniqueOrderedStringlistConditionally add an item to an ordered Stringlist
AddXmlHttpRequestAdd an XmlDoc to POST data for this request
AdjacentTextXmlDocAre adjacent text nodes allowed?
AES128CBCdecryptStringAES 128-bit key decryption
AES128CBCencryptStringAES 128-bit key decryption
AES128decryptStringAES 128-bit key decryption
AES128encryptStringAES 128-bit key decryption
AES192CBCdecryptStringAES 192-bit key CBC decryption
AES192CBCencryptStringAES 192-bit key CBC decryption
AES192decryptStringAES 192-bit key decryption
AES192encryptStringAES 192-bit key decryption
AES256CBCdecryptStringAES 256-bit key CBC decryption
AES256CBCencryptStringAES 256-bit key CBC decryption
AES256decryptStringAES 256-bit key decryption
AES256encryptStringAES 256-bit key decryption
AfterStringPart of string after a substring
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
AllowNullXmlDocAllow null characters in node values?
AllowXmlAttributeXmlDocMay Attribute names begin with "xml"?
AllowXmlElementXmlDocMay Element names begin with "xml"?
AmDaemonDaemonIs the current thread controlled by a Daemon?
AmIndependentDaemonIs the current thread an independent Daemon?
AndSelectionCriterionMatches an item if it meets the list of criteria
AndRecordsetRecordsetMerge two Recordsets to form their logical intersection
AndRecordsetNewRecordsetCreate new Recordset from intersection of two Recordsets
AntilogFloatAntilog base e of a number
AntilogEFloatAntilog base e of a number
Antilog10FloatAntilog base 10 of a number
Antilog2FloatAntilog base 2 of a number
(enumeration value)
AppendCCATempAllocatorInfoStringlistAdd CCATEMP allocator information to a Stringlist
AppendCertificateInfoStringlistAdd certificate information to a Stringlist
AppendCertificateRequestStringlistAdd certificate request to a Stringlist
AppendCertificateRequestInfoStringlistAdd certificate request information to a Stringlist
AppendClientCertificateRequestStringlistAdd client certificate request to a Stringlist
AppendCPCommandOutputStringlistAdd output from CP command to Stringlist
AppendEncryptedSecurityDataStringlistAdd RC4 encrypted base64 data to a Stringlist
AppendFieldImagesStringlistAdd fields stored in image format to a Stringlist
AppendFieldValuesStringlistAdd fields names and values to a Stringlist
AppendGeneratedPrivateKeyStringlistAdd base64 encoded RSA private key to a Stringlist
AppendJournalDataStringlistAdd lines from journal to Stringlist
AppendOpenProcedureStringlistAdd lines from procedure to Stringlist
AppendPemDataStringlistAppend PEM encoded string to a Stringlist
AppendPrivateKeyInfoStringlistAdd RSA private key information to a Stringlist
AppendProcedureListStringlistAdd information about procedures to a Stringlist
AppendSignedCertificateStringlistAdd base64 encoded signed certificate to a Stringlist
AppendSignedClientCertificateStringlistAdd base64 encoded signed client certificate to a Stringlist
AppendSirfactCommandOutputStringlistAdd SirFact command output to a Stringlist
AppendSirfactDataStringlistAdd SirFact data display to a Stringlist
AppendTraceStringlistAdd trace buffer data to a Stringlist
AppendValueXmlNodeAppend to value of node
AppendWebDataStringlistAdd Janus Web upload data to a Stringlist
ArgumentsSystemThe arguments passed to this request
ArrayJsonCreate an Array JSON object
(enumeration value)
AscendingSortOrderCreate a new ascending SortOrder
AsciiToEbcdicStringConvert ASCII string to EBCDIC
AsynchronousFinishedDaemonIs the asynchronous request on this Daemon finished?
(enumeration value)
AtEndStringTokenizerIs current tokenizing position at the end of the string?
(enumeration value)
AuditArraylistAudit Arraylist
AuditFloatNamedArraylistAudit items
AuditNamedArraylistAudit items
AuditObjectAudit contents of object
AuditUnicodeNamedArraylistAudit items
AuditXmlDocDisplay selected subtree on audit trail
AuditXmlNodeDisplay selected subtree on audit trail
AutoSendXmlContentTypeHttpRequestAutomatic content-type header generation?
AverageArraylistAverage the members of this ArrayList
AverageFloatNamedArraylistCalculate average of items or function of items
AverageNamedArraylistCalculate average of items or function of items
AverageUnicodeNamedArraylistCalculate average of items or function of items
(enumeration value)
Base64ToStringStringConvert a base 64 string to Ebcdic
BeforeStringPart of string before a substring
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
BinaryProcedureDecodeStringlistConvert to String from binary procedure format
BinaryProcedureEncodeStringlistConvert from binary procedure format to string
BinaryToFloatStringConvert binary string representation of a number to floating point
BinaryToIntegerStringConvert a binary string to an integer
BindLDAPConnect to a remote LDAP server
BindImageStringlistAssociate a Stringlist with an image
BitAndIntegerFloatDo bitwise And of integers
BitAndStringStringDo bitwise And of strings
BitClearStringStringClear a bit in a string
BitCountStringStringCount number of on bits in a string
BitFlipStringStringFlip a bit in a string
BitNumberInvalidBitNumberInvalid bit number requested
BitOffIntegerFloatClear bits in one integer from another
BitOffStringStringClear bits in one string from another
BitOnIntegerFloatSet bits in one integer from another
BitOnStringStringSet bits in one string from another
BitOrIntegerFloatDo bitwise Or of integers
BitOrStringStringDo bitwise Or of strings
BitSetStringStringSet a bit in a string
BitShiftLeftIntegerFloatDo left shift of bits in an integer
BitShiftRightIntegerFloatDo right shift of bits in an integer
BitValueStringStringGet bit value (0 or 1) in a string
BitXorIntegerFloatDo bitwise exclusive Or of integers
BitXorStringStringDo bitwise exclusive Or of strings
(enumeration value)
BlockSizeDatasetThe block size of this dataset
(enumeration value)
BooleanJsonCreate a Boolean JSON object
(enumeration value)
BooleanValueJsonGet boolean value of JSON object
BytePositionCharacterTranslationExceptionPosition of byte at which the exception was thrown
BytesProcedureInfoNumber of bytes in this procedure
CallStackSystemCurrent call stack description
CallStackCallerSystemCurrent caller information
CallStackDepthSystemDepth of the call stack
CaptureSocketShould print output be sent on the socket?
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
CenterStringCenter the input string within a return string of a specified length
CentreStringCenter the input string within a return string of a specified length
CertificateSocketRetrieve the SSL certificate
CertificateRequestStringCreate a certificate request from a private key
CertInfoSocketRetrieve a value from the SSL certificate
CertLevelsSocketNumber of levels of the SSL certificate
ChangeItemLengthStringlistChange length of Stringlist item
CharStringThe value at a specified position in the input string
CharacterPositionCharacterTranslationExceptionPosition of character at which the exception was thrown
CharacterPositionJsonParseErrorPosition of character at which error was detected
CharacterPositionXmlParseErrorPosition of character at of before which the error occurred
CharacterPositionXPathErrorPosition of character at of before which the error occurred
CharacterToUnicodeStringTranslate characters to unicode
CheckCertificateStringlistCheck format of base64 encoded certificate
CheckCertificateRequestStringlistCheck format of base64 encoded certificate request
(enumeration value)
ClassDescriptionObjectDescription of class of object
ClassDescriptionPersistentObjectInfoDescription of persistent object class
ClassNameObjectClass name of object
ClearRecordsetRemove all records from Recordset
ClientCertificateSystemGet client certificate
ClientCertificateXmlDocCreate XmlDoc with client certificate details
ClientCertificateRequestStringCreate a client certificate request from a public key
CloseDatasetClose this dataset
CloseRecordsetCursorDiscard a RecordsetCursor object
CloseSocketClose this socket connection
(enumeration value)
CodeHttpResponseCheck HTTP status code of most recent request
CodeInvalidRegexNumeric code indicating cause of the exception
ColorScreenFieldSet or return the FieldColor for a screenfield
ColumnScreenFieldReturn the column number of a screenfield
ColumnsScreenReturn the number of columns in the current screen
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
CompareStringlistCompare two Stringlists and produce Stringlist describing differences
CompressSpacesStringTokenizerCompress intra-token spaces
ConflictingLockStrengthRecordLockingConflictLock strength of conflicting lock
ConflictingRecordLockTypeRecordLockingConflictLock type of conflicting lock
ConflictTimeMillisecondsRecordLockingConflictTime that the conflict occurred
(enumeration value)
ConnectionStartTimeMillisecondsSystemTime of connection start in milliseconds
ConnectionStartTimeStringSystemTime of connection start as string
ContentHttpResponseGet raw HTTP response data
ContentToStringlistHttpResponseHTTP response data split into lines
ContextSubsystemIndicate the subsystem context
ContinueDaemonContinue processing in daemon
ContinueAsynchronouslyDaemonContinue processing asynchronously in daemon
ContinueIndependentlyDaemonContinue processing independently in daemon
CopyArraylistCopy the Arraylist
CopyCharacterMapCopy specified CharacterMap object
CopyCharacterToUnicodeMapCopy specified CharacterToUnicodeMap object
CopyFloatNamedArraylistCopy FloatNamedArraylist
CopyJsonCopy the JSON object
CopyMarksStoreArrayCopy MarksStoreArray
CopyNamedArraylistCopy the NamedArraylist
CopyPersistentObjectInfoMake a copy of a PersistentObjectInfo object
CopyProcedureInfoCopy this ProcedureInfo
CopyRandomNumberGeneratorCopy this RandomNumberGenerator
CopyRecordCopy this Record object
CopyRecordLockingConflictCopy the RecordLockingConflict object
CopyRecordsetCopy this Recordset object
CopyRegexReturn a copy of a Regex object
CopyScreenReturn a copy of a screen object
CopySortedRecordsetCopy this SortedRecordset object
CopyStringlistCopy Stringlist
CopyUnicodeNamedArraylistCopy UnicodeNamedArraylist
CopyUserStatisticsCopy the UserStatistics
CopyXmlDocCopy this XmlDoc
CopyImageBindingStringlistCopy image association from another Stringlist
CopyItemsStringlistCopy items between Stringlists
(enumeration value)
CountArraylistNumber of items in Arraylist
CountFloatNamedArraylistNumber of items
CountJsonNumber of items in object
CountNamedArraylistNumber of items
CountRecordsetCalculate number of records in Recordset
CountSortedRecordsetCalculate number of records in SortedRecordset
CountStringlistNumber of items in Stringlist
CountUnicodeNamedArraylistNumber of items
CountXmlAttributeListNumber of attributes
CountXmlNodelistNumber of nodes in this nodelist
CountSubsetArraylistNumber of items matching a criterion
CountSubsetFloatNamedArraylistNumber of items that match some selection criteria
CountSubsetNamedArraylistNumber of items that match some selection criteria
CountSubsetUnicodeNamedArraylistNumber of items that match some selection criteria
(enumeration value)
CreateLinesStringlistCreate delimited string from Stringlist
(enumeration value)
CurrentQuotedStringTokenizerIs current token a quoted token?
CurrentRecordFastUnloadTaskReturn current record from Fast/Unload as Longstring
CurrentRecordRecordCreate a Record object from current record in For loop or Recordset
CurrentRecordRecordsetCursorCreate Record object from current record in the set
CurrentRecordIsUpdatedSystemIs the current record updated?
CurrentTimeDaysSystemCurrent time in days
CurrentTimeMillisecondsSystemCurrent time in milliseconds
CurrentTimeSecondsSystemCurrent time in seconds
CurrentTimeStringSystemCurrent time as a string
CurrentTokenStringTokenizerString value of current token
CurrentTokenPositionStringTokenizerPosition of first character in the current token
CursorRecordsetCreate a RecordsetCursor object from a Recordset
CursorSortedRecordsetInstantiate a RecordsetCursor for this SortedRecordset
CursorColumnScreenReturn the column number of the cursor position
CursorItemIdScreenReturn the item ID of field at the cursor position
CursorRowScreenReturn the row number of the cursor position
DaemonOutputDaemonLostStringlist copy of last output stream of lost daemon thread
DaysToStringFloatConvert days since 1900 to string date/time
DEA128CBCdecryptStringDEA 128-bit key decryption
DEA128CBCencryptStringDEA 128-bit key decryption
DEA128decryptStringDEA 128-bit key decryption
DEA128encryptStringDEA 128-bit key decryption
DEA192CBCdecryptStringDEA 192-bit key CBC decryption
DEA192CBCencryptStringDEA 192-bit key CBC decryption
DEA192decryptStringDEA 192-bit key decryption
DEA192encryptStringDEA 192-bit key decryption
DEA64CBCdecryptStringDEA 64-bit key CBC decryption
DEA64CBCencryptStringDEA 64-bit key CBC decryption
DEA64decryptStringDEA 64-bit key decryption
DEA64encryptStringDEA 64-bit key decryption
DeepCopyArraylistDeep Copy the Arraylist
DeepCopyCharacterMap"Deepcopy" specified CharacterMap object
DeepCopyCharacterToUnicodeMap"Deepcopy" specified CharacterToUnicodeMap object
DeepCopyFloatNamedArraylistDeep Copy FloatNamedArraylist
DeepCopyJsonCopy the JSON object
DeepCopyMarksStoreArrayCopy MarksStoreArray
DeepCopyNamedArraylistDeep Copy NamedArraylist
DeepCopyPersistentObjectInfoMake a copy of a PersistentObjectInfo object
DeepCopyProcedureInfoDeepCopy this ProcedureInfo
DeepCopyRandomNumberGeneratorDeep copy this RandomNumberGenerator
DeepCopyRecordDeep copy this Record object
DeepCopyRecordLockingConflictDeep copy the RecordLockingConflict object
DeepCopyRecordsetDeep copy this Recordset object
DeepCopyRegexReturn a deep copy of a Regex object
DeepCopyScreenReturn a deep copy of a screen object
DeepCopyScreenFieldReturn a deep copy of a screenfield object
DeepCopySortedRecordsetDeep copy this SortedRecordset object
DeepCopyStringlistCopy Stringlist
DeepCopyUnicodeNamedArraylistDeep Copy UnicodeNamedArraylist
DeepCopyUserStatisticsDeepCopy the UserStatistics
DeepCopyXmlDocDeep copy this XmlDoc
DeepCopyXmlNodeDeep copy this node
DeepDiscardScreenFieldDo deep discard of a ScreenField object
DeepDiscardXmlNodeDo deep discard of an XmlNode object
DefaultFloatNamedArraylistValue for Item to return when Name has no value
DefaultNamedArraylistValue for Item to return when Name has no value
DefaultUnicodeNamedArraylistValue for Item to return when Name has no value
DefaultSelectorXmlParserSet a default selector
DefaultURIXmlDocDefault URI in scope at selected node
DefaultURIXmlNodeDefault URI in scope at selected node
DeflateStringCompress a longstring with deflate
DeleteJsonDelete a JSON object/array item value
DeleteScreenFieldDelete screenfield
DeleteGlobalSubsystemDelete a subsystem global
DeleteGlobalSystemDelete a system-wide global
DeleteObjectSubsystemDelete a subsystem object
DeleteObjectSystemDelete a system-wide object
DeleteSelectionPrefixXmlDocDelete prefix's XPath-selection association
DeleteStringSubsystemDelete a subsystem string
DeleteStringSystemDelete a system-wide string
DeleteSubtreeXmlDocDelete selected subtree
DeleteSubtreeXmlNodeDelete selected subtree
DeleteTopElementXmlDocDelete top element from XmlDoc
DepthXmlParserThe current depth in the document
DequeueArraylistRetrieve first Arraylist item, then remove item
DequeueStringlistRetrieve value of first Stringlist item, then remove item
DerToXmlDocStringConvert DER encoded data to XML
DescendingSortOrderCreate a new descending SortOrder
DescriptionAddToRecordErrorDescription of error
DescriptionCharacterTranslationExceptionBrief description of the exception
DescriptionCoordinatorExceptionBrief description of the exception
DescriptionInvalidBerDataDescription of error
DescriptionInvalidRegexBrief description of the exception
DescriptionJsonParseErrorDescription of the error
DescriptionWebScreenExceptionBrief description of the exception
DescriptionXmlParseErrorBrief description of the exception
DescriptionXPathErrorBrief description of the exception
DifferenceUserStatisticsDifference in login statistics
DifferenceXmlNodelistDifference between XmlNodelists
DifferenceToStringUserStatisticsLogin timestamps difference in string format
DifferenceToXmlDocUserStatisticsLogin timestamps difference in xml format
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
DiscardGlobalObjectDiscard a global object
DiscardGlobalsObjectDiscard global objects
DiscardSessionObjectDiscard a session object
DiscardSessionsObjectDiscard session objects
DivFloatInteger division
DomainEmailDomain name of host
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
EbcdicToAsciiStringConvert EBCDIC string to ASCII
EbcdicToUnicodeStringConvert EBCDIC string to Unicode
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
EmptyStringlistRemove all items from a Stringlist
(enumeration value)
EncodingXmlDocEncoding of XML document
EndElementXmlSelectorConstruct an element end selector
EndsWithStringIs the end string the terminal substring of the method object string?
EnqueueArraylistAdd item to end of Arraylist
EnqueueStringlistAdd string as new Stringlist item
(enumeration value)
EqSelectionCriterionMatches an item if it is equal to another item
(enumeration value)
ErrInfoSocketRetrieve info about the most recent socket error
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
ErrorNumberLDAPError number of the most recent LDAP error
(enumeration value)
ErrorTextLDAPError message of the most recent LDAP error
(enumeration value)
ExistsXmlAttributeListCheck if an attribute is in this list
ExistsXmlDocIs XPath result non-empty?
ExistsXmlNodeIs XPath result non-empty?
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
FalseJsonCreate a false Boolean JSON object
FalseSelectionCriterionDoes not match any item
FastUnloadRecordsetUnload Recordset using Fast/Unload User Language Interface
FastUnloadTaskRecordsetInitiate asynch Recordset unload using Fast/Unload User Language Interface
(enumeration value)
FieldCountHttpRequestNumber of fields in the current request
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
FieldOrFieldgroupNameAddToRecordErrorName of field or fieldgroup for which error occurred
FilenameProcedureInfoName of the file containing this procedure
FileNameRecordReturn the name of the file that contains the Record object's record
FilenameRecordLockingConflictName of the file in which last record locking conflict occurred
FileNameRecordsetCursorReturn name of file containing the record at the current cursor position
FindMarksStoreArrayFind next MarksStoreArray item that matches a value
FindStringlistFind next stringlist item that matches a string
FindApproxLDAPRetrieve records with approximate attr values fromthe LDAP directory
FindEQLDAPRetrieve matching records from the LDAP directory
FindGELDAPRetrieve records with greater attr string values from the LDAP directory
FindImageItemStringlistFind next matching image item in Stringlist
FindImageItemUpStringlistFind previous matching image item in Stringlist
FindLELDAPRetrieve records with lesser attr string values from the LDAP directory
FindNextItemArraylistFind matching Arraylist item
FindNextItemFloatNamedArraylistNext item that matches some selection criteria
FindNextItemNamedArraylistNext item that matches some selection criteria
FindNextItemUnicodeNamedArraylistNext item that matches some selection criteria
FindNextItemNumberArraylistReturn number of matching item
FindNextItemNumberFloatNamedArraylistItem number of next item that matches some selection criteria
FindNextItemNumberNamedArraylistItem number of next item that matches some selection criteria
FindNextItemNumberUnicodeNamedArraylistItem number of next item that matches some selection criteria
FindPreviousItemArraylistFind matching Arraylist item
FindPreviousItemFloatNamedArraylistPrevious item that matches some selection criteria
FindPreviousItemNamedArraylistPrevious item that matches some selection criteria
FindPreviousItemUnicodeNamedArraylistPrevious item that matches some selection criteria
FindPreviousItemNumberArraylistReturn number of matching item
FindPreviousItemNumberFloatNamedArraylistItem number of previous item that matches some selection criteria
FindPreviousItemNumberNamedArraylistItem number of previous item that matches some selection criteria
FindPreviousItemNumberUnicodeNamedArraylistItem number of previous item that matches some selection criteria
FindStringInCommonNameLDAPRetrieve substring matching records from LDAP directory
FindTokenStringTokenizerSearch for specified token
FindUpStringlistFind previous stringlist item that matches a string
FirstRecordsetCursorMove cursor to the first record in the set
FirstItemArraylistRetrieve or set value of first Arraylist item
FirstItemFloatNamedArraylistReturn or set first item
FirstItemNamedArraylistReturn or set first item
FirstItemStringlistRetrieve value of first Stringlist item
FirstItemUnicodeNamedArraylistReturn or set first item
FirstItemNameFloatNamedArraylistName of first item
FirstItemNameNamedArraylistName of first item
FirstItemNameUnicodeNamedArraylistName of first item
FloatToBinaryFloatBinary string containing floating point representation
FloatToStringFloatConvert a number to a string
FoldDoubledQuotesStringTokenizerDoubled quotes treated as escaped quote char
FormUrlDecodeUnicodeStringConvert Form URL encoded UTF-8 string to Unicode
(enumeration value)
GarbageCollectObjectClean up unreachable objects
GeSelectionCriterionMatches an item if it is greater than or equal to another item
GeneratedPrivateKeySystemGenerate an RSA private key
GetHttpRequestSend an HTTP GET request to the server
GetGlobalObjectRetrieve global object reference
GetImageStringlistRetrieve Stringlist item into image
GetInputObjectDaemonRetrieve input object passed by master thread
GetNextRecordFastUnloadTaskGet next record from Fast/Unload
GetObjectSubsystemGet a subsystem object
GetObjectSystemGet a system-wide object
GetReplyCodeEmailRetrieve the last numeric reply code
GetReplyTextEmailRetrieve the last response
GetSessionObjectRetrieve session object reference
GetSocketNumberSocketSocket number of this socket
GetSocketObjectSocketGet a socket object for the given socket number
GlobalListObjectGet list of global objects
GlobalListPersistentObjectInfoGet list of global objects
(enumeration value)
GtSelectionCriterionMatches an item if greater than another item
GunzipStringDecompress a longstring with GUNZIP
GunzipDatetimeNSStringReturn create date of GZIP format longstring
GunzipFilenameStringReturn name of GZIP format longstring
GzipStringCompress a longstring with GZIP
(enumeration value)
HaveDaemonDaemonIs the thread associated with this Daemon accessible?
(enumeration value)
HeaderCountHttpRequestNumber of headers in this request
HeaderCountHttpResponseNumber of HTTP response headers
HeaderNamesHttpResponseList of HTTP response header names
HeaderValueHttpResponseHTTP response header value
HexToIntegerStringConvert a hexadecimal string to an integer
HexToStringStringConvert a hexadecimal string to Ebcdic
HexValueCharacterTranslationExceptionHexadecimal value of bytes causing the exception
HighlightScreenFieldSet or return the highlight attribute for screenfield
HostEmailThe host name of the SMTP server
HostHttpRequestTarget web server
HostUdpSocketRemote host IP address
HttpVersionHttpRequestSet HTTP protocol version for requests
(enumeration value)
InflateStringDecompress a longstring with inflate
InfoSocketRetrieve information about the socket
InitializeMarksStoreArraySet all items in MarksStoreArray to the same value
InputHexValueXmlParseErrorHexadecimal value of bytes causing the exception
InputRecordNumberAddToRecordErrorValue of 'number' attribute from input XmlDoc
InsertArraylistInsert items into Arraylist
InsertJsonInsert an item into a JSON array
InsertStringInsert argument string inside the method object string
InsertStringlistInsert strings into a Stringlist
InsertCommentBeforeXmlNodeInsert a Comment before this node
InsertElementBeforeXmlNodeInsert an Element before this node
InsertImageStringlistInsert image into a Stringlist
InsertPIBeforeXmlNodeInsert a processing instruction before this node
InsertSubtreeBeforeXmlNodeInsert copy of subtree before this node
InsertTextBeforeXmlNodeInsert Text node before this node
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
IntegerToBinaryFloatConvert an integer to a binary string
IntegerToHexFloatConvert an integer to a hexadecimal string
(enumeration value)
InvalidCharXmlDocAllow invalid characters (obsolete)
InvalidCharacterPositionXmlDocDetect invalid characters
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
InvisibleScreenFieldSet or return the invisible attribute for screenfield
IsEmptyRecordsetIs Recordset empty?
IsEmptySortedRecordsetIs this SortedRecordset empty?
IsFalseBooleanIs this Boolean value false
(enumeration value)
IsMergedJournalIs journal the output of MERGEJ?
IsNotNullSelectionCriterionMatches an item if it is not null
IsNullSelectionCriterionMatches an item if it is null
IsOneOfStringIs the method object string matched by any of the strings in the input list?
IsPrimeFloatIs this number prime?
IsSelectionPrefixXmlDocCheck if prefix has XPath-selection association
IsStartOfStringIs the method object string an initial substring of the argument string?
IsTrueBooleanIs this Boolean value true?
(enumeration value)
IsUnicodeRegexIs this a Unicode regular exprssion
IsUpdatedRecordIs record updated in current transaction?
IsValidStringXmlDocValid XML Element/Attribute value? (obsolete)
ItemArraylistReturn or set Arraylist item value
ItemFloatNamedArraylistValue of named item
ItemJsonReturn or set JSON object/array item value
ItemMarksStoreArrayRetrieve or set value of MarksStoreArray item
ItemNamedArraylistValue of named item
ItemStringlistRetrieve value of Stringlist item
ItemUnicodeNamedArraylistValue of named item
ItemXmlNodelistRetrieve an item from this nodelist
ItemByNumberFloatNamedArraylistReturn or set item using item number
ItemByNumberJsonReturn JSON object/array item value by item number
ItemByNumberNamedArraylistReturn or set item using item number
ItemByNumberUnicodeNamedArraylistReturn or set item using item number
ItemDifferenceListStringlistCompare Stringlist to delimited Stringlist item
ItemidScreenFieldSet or return the item ID value for screenfield
ItemLengthStringlistLength of Stringlist item
JsonParseUnicodeParse a string into a Json object tree
KeyEQDatasetPosition a VSAM dataset by key =
KeyGEDatasetPosition a VSAM dataset by key >=
LastRecordsetCursorMove cursor to the last record in the set
LastCommandErrorCountDaemonNumber of errors since the last Run invocation
LastItemArraylistRetrieve or set value of last Arraylist item
LastItemFloatNamedArraylistReturn or set last item
LastItemNamedArraylistReturn or set last item
LastItemStringlistRetrieve value of last Stringlist item
LastItemUnicodeNamedArraylistReturn or set last item
LastItemNameFloatNamedArraylistName of last item
LastItemNameNamedArraylistName of last item
LastItemNameUnicodeNamedArraylistName of last item
LastSubsystemErrorFileSystemThe last subsystem error file
LastSubsystemErrorProcedureSystemThe last subsystem error procedure
LastSubsystemErrorSubsystemSystemThe last subsystem error subsystem
LastUpdateTimeProcedureInfoMost recent update as date string
LastUpdateTimeMillisecondsProcedureInfoMost recent update time in milliseconds
LastUpdateUserProcedureInfoLast user to update this procedure
LeSelectionCriterionMatches an item if it is less than or equal to another item
LeftStringThe left-most characters of the string
LengthStringThe length of the string
LengthXmlDocLength of string-value of selected node
LengthXmlNodeLength of string-value of selected node
(enumeration value)
LineInvalidPemDataLine where error encountered
LineEndHttpRequestLine-end sequence for POSTed Stringlist data
ListArraylistConstruct and populate a new Arraylist
ListProcedureInfoGet list of procedures
ListSortOrderCreate a composite SortOrder
ListStringlistConstruct a new Stringlist from list of strings
ListXmlSelectorConstruct a composite selector
ListOfGlobalsSubsystemList of subsystem globals
ListOfGlobalsSystemList of system globals
ListOfObjectsSubsystemList of subsystem objects
ListOfObjectsSystemList of system objects
ListOfStringsSubsystemList of subsystem strings
ListOfStringsSystemList of system strings
ListToItemStringlistConvert Stringlist to single delimited Stringlist item
(enumeration value)
LoadChangedRecordsXmlDocLoad ChangedRecords into this XmlDoc
LoadCommandInfoXmlDocLoad command info into this XmlDoc
LoadElementXmlParserLoad the current element into an XmlDoc object
LoadFromRecordXmlDocLoad fields and fieldgroups from current record
LoadFromRecordXmlNodeLoad fields and fieldgroups from current record
LoadFromStringlistXmlDocDeserialize Stringlist into XmlDoc (obsolete)
LoadFromStringlistXmlNodeDeserialize Stringlist into XmlDoc (obsolete)
LoadMessageInfoXmlDocLoad message info into this XmlDoc
LoadMsgctlXmlDocLoad MSGCTL commands to this XmlDoc
LoadParameterInfoXmlDocLoad parameter info into this XmlDoc
LoadSystemMethodInfoXmlDocLoad info about system methods into this XmlDoc
LoadXmlXmlDocDeserialize XML document or fragment into XmlDoc Root or into Element XmlNode
LoadXmlXmlNodeDeserialize XML document or fragment into XmlDoc Root or into Element XmlNode
LocalHostUdpSocketLocal IP address for bound socket
LocalNameXmlAttributeListGet the local name of the indexed attribute
LocalNameXmlDocName (without prefix) of selected node
LocalNameXmlNodeName (without prefix) of selected node
LocalPortUdpSocketLocal port number for bound socket
LocateRegexFind next item in Stringlist that matches a regex
LocateStringlistLocate next Stringlist item containing string
LocateUpRegexFind next item in Stringlist that matches a regex
LocateUpStringlistLocate previous Stringlist item containing string
LockingUserNumberRecordLockingConflictUser number of the user that locked the conflicting record
LockStrengthRecordReturn lock strength of Record
LockStrengthRecordsetReturn lock strength of Recordset
LockStrengthRecordsetCursorReturn lock strength of RecordsetCursor object
LockTimeMillisecondsRecordLockingConflictTime that the conflicting record was locked
LogFloatNatural log (base e) of a number
LogEFloatNatural log (base e) of a number
LoginToStringUserStatisticsLogin statistics in string format
Log10FloatLog base 10 of a number
Log2FloatLog base 2 of a number
LoopLockStrengthRecordSet or return minimum lock strength for Record in For loops
LoopLockStrengthRecordsetSet or return minimum lock strength for Recordset records that are in For loops
LoopLockStrengthRecordsetCursorSet or return minimum lock strength of records in For Record At loops
(enumeration value)
LtSelectionCriterionMatches an item if it is less than another item
MailEmailSend the mail message
MasterNumberDaemonUser number of the master thread
MatchRegexPosition after match of regex
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
MaxActionKeyScreenReturn name of key that activated last screen read
MaximumArraylistGet number of maximum item
MaximumFloatNamedArraylistName of item with maximum value or maximum value of function applied to items
MaximumNamedArraylistName of item with maximum value or maximum value of function applied to items
MaximumUnicodeNamedArraylistName of item with maximum value or maximum value of function applied to items
(enumeration value)
MaximumItemArraylistGet item that has maximum value
MaximumItemFloatNamedArraylistItem with maximum value or maximum value of function applied to items
MaximumItemNamedArraylistItem with maximum value or maximum value of function applied to items
MaximumItemUnicodeNamedArraylistItem with maximum value or maximum value of function applied to items
MaxItemLengthStringlistMaximum Stringlist item length
MaxRedirectsHttpRequestAutomatically handle redirects
MaxStoreCodeMarksStoreArrayStore code of last item in MarksStoreArray
MaxStoreCodeNumberMarksStoreArrayNumber of store codes in MarksStoreArray
(enumeration value)
MD5digestString16-byte MD5 digest
MergeCountJournalNumber of journals input to the MERGEJ run producing this journal
MessageHttpResponseReturn code message of most recent request
MethodNameInvalidJsonTypeType of object for invalid method
MillisecondsToStringFloatConvert milliseconds since 1900 to string date/time
MinimumArraylistGet number of minimum item
MinimumFloatNamedArraylistName of item with minimum value or minimum value of function applied to items
MinimumNamedArraylistName of item with minimum value or minimum value of function applied to items
MinimumUnicodeNamedArraylistName of item with minimum value or minimum value of function applied to items
MinimumItemArraylistGet item that has minimum value
MinimumItemFloatNamedArraylistItem with minimum value or minimum value of function applied to items
MinimumItemNamedArraylistItem with minimum value or minimum value of function applied to items
MinimumItemUnicodeNamedArraylistItem with minimum value or minimum value of function applied to items
(enumeration value)
ModFloatRemainder of integer division
ModifiedScreenFieldSet or return the modified attribute for screenfield
ModulusFloatRemainder of integer division
MoveFromIdStringlistMove data from $list to Stringlist
MoveToIdStringlistMove data from Stringlist to $list
MultiPartFormEncodingHttpRequestUse Stringlists for data transfer?
NamePersistentObjectInfoName of persistent object
NameProcedureInfoName of this procedure
NameSubsystemName of this subsystem
NameUnknownStatisticName of statistic not recognized by the method
NameByNumberFloatNamedArraylistName of specified item number
NameByNumberJsonGet name of item in JSON object
NameByNumberNamedArraylistName of specified item number
NameByNumberUnicodeNamedArraylistName of specified item
(enumeration value)
NamespaceXmlDoc(Dis)allow or disable prefix handling
(enumeration value)
NeSelectionCriterionMatches an item if not equal to another item
NewAddToRecordErrorCreate new AddToRecordError object
NewArraylistCreate a new Arraylist object
NewBadJournalCreate a new BadJournal object
NewCharacterMapCreate CharacterMap object
NewCharacterToUnicodeMapCreate CharacterToUnicodeMap object
NewCharacterTranslationExceptionCreate a new CharacterTranslationException object
NewCoordinatorExceptionCreate a new CoordinatorException object
NewDaemonCreate a new Daemon
NewDaemonLostCreate a new DaemonLost object
NewDatasetCreate a new dataset object
NewEmailCreate a new email object
NewFloatNamedArraylistCreate a new FloatNamedArraylist object
NewFormFieldNotFoundCreate a new FormFieldNotFound object
NewHttpRequestCreate a new HttpRequest object
NewIncorrectDaemonStateCreate a new IncorrectDaemonState object
NewInvalidBase64DataCreate a new InvalidBase64Data object
NewInvalidBerDataCreate a new InvalidBerData object
NewInvalidBitNumberCreate a new InvalidBitNumber object
NewInvalidCryptoDataCreate a new InvalidCryptoData object
NewInvalidCryptoInitVectorCreate a new InvalidCryptoInitVector object
NewInvalidCryptoKeyCreate a new InvalidCryptoKey object
NewInvalidDateStringCreate a new InvalidDateString object
NewInvalidDeflateDataCreate a new InvalidDeflateData object
NewInvalidGZipDataCreate a new InvalidGZipData object
NewInvalidHexDataCreate a new InvalidHexData object
NewInvalidJsonTypeCreate a new InvalidJsonType object
NewInvalidPemDataCreate a new InvalidPemData object
NewInvalidRegexCreate a new InvalidRegex object
NewInvalidSortSpecificationCreate a new InvalidSortSpecification object
NewInvalidTranslateTableCreate a new InvalidTranslateTable object
NewInvalidValueCreate a new InvalidValue object
NewInvalidZipDataCreate a new InvalidZipData object
NewItemNotFoundCreate a new ItemNotFound object
NewItemNotPresentCreate a new ItemNotPresent object
NewJournalCreate a new Journal object
NewJsonCircularReferenceCreate a new JsonCircularReference object
NewJsonParseErrorCreate a new JsonParseError object
NewLDAPCreate a new LDAP object
NewMarksStoreArrayCreate new MarksStoreArray instance
NewMaxDaemExceededCreate a new MaxDaemExceeded object
NewMinuteGridCreate a new MinuteGrid object
NewMinuteLineCreate a new MinuteLine object
NewMismatchedQuoteCreate a new MismatchedQuote object
NewNamedArraylistCreate a new NamedArraylist object
NewNoFreeDaemonsCreate a new NoFreeDaemons object
NewNotJanusConnectionCreate a new NotJanusConnection object
NewObjectCreate a new Object object
NewOutOfBoundsCreate a new OutOfBounds object
NewPKCSErrorCreate a new PKCSError object
NewPolygonSegmentsCreate a new PolygonSegments object
NewProcedureInfoCreate a new ProcedureInfo instance
NewRandomNumberGeneratorCreate a new RandomNumberGenerator
NewRecordCreate a new file-context Record object
NewRecordCreate a new group-context Record object
NewRecordLockingConflictCreate a new RecordLockingConflict object
NewRecordsetCreate a new Recordset object
NewRecordsetCursorCreate a new RecordsetCursor object
NewRegexCreate new Regex instance
NewScreenCreate new Screen instance
NewScreenReadErrorCreate a new ScreenReadError object
NewShapeToolsCreate a new ShapeTools object
NewSocketOpen a new socket
NewSortedRecordsetCreate a new SortedRecordset object
NewSortOrderCreate a new, null SortOrder
NewStringlistCreate new Stringlist instance
NewStringTokenizerCreate new StringTokenizer object
NewUdpSocketCreate a UdpSocket object
NewUnicodeNamedArraylistCreate a new UnicodeNamedArraylist object
NewUnknownStatisticCreate a new UnknownStatistic object
NewUnsupportedCryptoCreate a new UnsupportedCrypto object
NewUserStatisticsCreate a new UserStatistics instance
NewWebScreenExceptionCreate a new WebScreenException object
NewWriteErrorCreate a new WriteError object
NewXmlAttributeListCreate a new XmlAttributeList object
NewXmlDocCreate a new XmlDoc object
NewXmlNodelistCreate a new XmlNodelist
NewXmlParseErrorCreate a new XmlParseError object
NewXmlParserConstruct a new XmlParser instance
NewXPathErrorCreate a new XPathError object
NewFieldColumnScreenGet or set column number for next added field
NewFieldRowScreenGet or set row number for next added field
NewFromAsciiCodepageCharacterToUnicodeMapCreate CharacterToUnicodeMap object from ASCII codepage
NewFromEbcdicCodepageCharacterToUnicodeMapCreate CharacterToUnicodeMap object from EBCDIC codepage
NewFromGlobalPersistentObjectInfoGet info about global object
NewFromLastConflictRecordLockingConflictCreate object from current conflict information
NewFromRecordXmlDocCreate a new XmlDoc from the current record
NewFromSessionPersistentObjectInfoGet info about session object
NewGlobalTransactionStart new global transaction
NextRecordsetCursorMove cursor to the next record in the set
NextXmlNodeGet the next node after this node
NextCharStringTokenizerValue of character at current tokenizing position
NextPositionStringTokenizerPosition of character at current tokenizing position
NextPrimeFloatFind smallest prime greater than this number
NextTokenStringTokenizerNext token forward in current tokenizer string
NodeNameAddToRecordErrorName of node in input XmlDoc for which error occurred
NodeTypeAddToRecordErrorXmlNodeType of node in input XmlDoc for which error occurred
NoEmptyElementXmlNodeSuppress/produce empty tag when serializing this Element, if childless
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
NotSelectionCriterionMatches an item if it does not meet the criterion
NotAtEndStringTokenizerIs present tokenizing position at end of tokenizerstring?
NullifyGlobalObjectClear global object reference
NullifyGlobalsObjectClear global object references
NullifySessionObjectClear session object reference
NullifySessionsObjectClear global object references
NumSocketSocket numbers of a set of selected sockets
NumberFloatNamedArraylistItem number of specified name
NumberJsonCreate a Number JSON object
(enumeration value)
NumberNamedArraylistItem number of specified name
NumberUnicodeNamedArraylistItem number of specified name
NumberByNameJsonGet number of named item in JSON object
NumberOfBuffersDatasetNumber of buffers to use for i/o
NumberValueJsonGet number value of JSON object
NumericScreenFieldSet or return the numeric attribute for screenfield
ObjectJsonCreate an Object JSON object
(enumeration value)
ObjectIdObjectInternal numeric name of object
(enumeration value)
OnResetSocketJump to label when this socket resets
OpenDaemonOpen a file/group on the Daemon thread
OpenDatasetOpen this dataset
(enumeration value)
OptionsRegexRegular expression options
OrSelectionCriterionMatches an item if it meets one of the listed criteria
OutputDatasetIndicates whether this dataset is writeable
OverlayStringlistOverlay part of Stringlist item with string
OverlayImageItemStringlistOverlay part of Stringlist item with image item
PageHttpRequestRelative page path
PAIRecordPrint All Information from record
ParentNumberDaemonUser number of the parent thread
ParseJsonCreate an JSON object from serialized JSON
ParseXmlParserStart parsing the current document
ParseLinesStringParse delimited string, creating new Stringlist
ParseLinesStringlistParse delimited string, appending to this Stringlist
ParseXmlHttpResponseDeserialize response data to XmlDoc
PatchStringlistUpdate base Stringlist with patch Stringlist
PatchLinesStringlistApply patch Stringlist to a base Stringlist
PatchStringStringlistUpdate base string with patch Stringlist
PeekCharStringTokenizerValue of character at current tokenizing position, do not advance
PeekPreviousCharStringTokenizerValue of previous character
PeekTokenStringTokenizerValue of next token in current tokenizer string, do not advance
PemToStringStringlistExtract base64 encoded PEM data to string
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
PopArraylistRetrieve last Arraylist item, then remove item
PopStringlistRetrieve value of last Stringlist item, then remove last item
PortEmailTCP port number of the SMTP server
PortHttpRequestTarget server port number
PortUdpSocketRemote host IP port number
PositionInvalidBase64DataInput string position where non-base64 encoding character found
PositionInvalidBerDataPosition where error encountered
PositionInvalidHexDataInput string position where non-hexadecimal character found
PositionInvalidPemDataPosition in line where error encountered
PositionInvalidRegexRegex position at or before which the error occurred
PositionInStringThe numeric position of one string within another
PositionOfStringThe numeric position of one string within another
PostHttpRequestSend an HTTP POST request to the server
PrefixXmlAttributeListGet the prefix of the indexed attribute
PrefixXmlDocPrefix part of name of selected node
PrefixXmlNodePrefix part of name of selected node
PrefixURIXmlDocURI of specified prefix in context of selected node
PrefixURIXmlNodeURI of specified prefix in context of selected node
PreviousRecordsetCursorMove cursor to the previous record in the set
PreviousXmlNodeGet node previous to this node
PreviousCharStringTokenizerValue of previous character and step back one position
PreviousPrimeFloatFind greatest prime smaller than this number
(enumeration value)
PrintArraylistPrint Arraylist
PrintFloatNamedArraylistPrint items
PrintHttpRequestPrint useful debug information
PrintHttpResponsePrint useful debug information about this object
PrintNamedArraylistPrint items
PrintObjectPrint contents of object
PrintStringlistDisplay contents of a Stringlist
PrintUnicodeNamedArraylistPrint items
PrintXmlDocPrint selected subtree
PrintXmlNodePrint selected subtree
PrintAllInformationRecordPrint All Information from record
ProcessingInstructionXmlSelectorConstruct a processing instruction selector
ProtectedScreenFieldSet or return the protected attribute for screenfield
ProtectedColorScreenSet color for protected screen fields
ProtectedHighlightScreenSet highlight color for protected screen fields
ProtocolHttpRequestHTTP request protocol
ProxyHttpRequestPermit use of proxy server?
PushArraylistAppend item to Arraylist
PushStringlistAdd string as new Stringlist item
QNameXmlAttributeListGet the qualified name of the indexed attribute
QNameXmlDocName (with prefix, if any) of selected node
QNameXmlNodeName (with prefix, if any) of selected node
(enumeration value)
QuotesStringTokenizerCharacters to be interpreted as quotes
QuotesBreakStringTokenizerDo quotes break the current token?
RateUserStatisticsPer second rate of change of statistic
RatePerSecondUserStatisticsPer second rate of change of statistic
RC4decryptStringRC4 encryption or decryption
RC4encryptStringRC4 encryption or decryption
ReadScreenWrite screen to display and return response
ReadBlockDatasetRead data from this dataset
ReadRecordDatasetRead a record from this dataset
ReadRecordsDatasetRead multiple records from this dataset
ReasonAddToRecordErrorEnumerated reason for error
ReasonCharacterTranslationExceptionEnumerated cause of the exception
ReasonCoordinatorExceptionEnumerated cause of the exception
ReasonXmlParseErrorEnumerated cause of the exception
ReasonXPathErrorEnumerated cause of the exception
ReasonCodeBadJournalNumeric code indicating cause of BadJournal exception
ReceiveSocketReceive a string of bytes on this socket
ReceiveUdpSocketReceive a UDP datagram
ReceiveAndParseSocketReceive bytes up to a given string
ReceiveAsynchronousSocketReceive zero or more bytes on this socket
ReceivedFinSocketTest if received FIN on connection
ReceiveWebSocketSocketReceive Web Socket framed message
(enumeration value)
RecordFormatDatasetThe format of record i/o blocks
RecordIsUpdatedSystemIs the indicated record updated?
RecordLengthDatasetThe record length of this dataset
RecordNumberRecordReturn file record number of Record object's record
RecordNumberRecordLockingConflictRecord number of the record that has the conflict
RecordNumberRecordsetCursorReturn record number of record at current cursor position
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
RegexCaptureStringlistCapture substrings to Stringlist using regex
RegexLocateStringlistFind next item in Stringlist that matches a regex
RegexLocateUpStringlistFind previous item in Stringlist that matches a regex
RegexMatchStringPosition after match of regex
RegexReplaceStringReplace regex match(es)
RegexSplitStringSplit string using regex, creating new Stringlist
RegexSplitStringlistSplit a string onto a Stringlist using regex
RegexStringRegexString regular expression
RegexSubsetStringlistCreate subset of Stringlist that matches a regex
RegexUnicodeRegexUnicode regular expression
ReleasePositionDatasetRelease position key for VSAM dataset
RemoveStringRemove the occurrences of a specified substring
RemoveAuthenticationHttpRequestClear existing username/password credentials
RemoveItemArraylistRemove item from Arraylist
RemoveItemFloatNamedArraylistRemove item from FloatNamedArraylist
RemoveItemNamedArraylistRemove item from NamedArraylist
RemoveItemStringlistRemove item from Stringlist
RemoveItemUnicodeNamedArraylistRemove item from UnicodeNamedArraylist
RemoveProxyHttpRequestDisable proxy server use
RemoveQuotesStringTokenizerWhether to remove quote characters around returned values of quoted tokens
RemoveRecipientEmailRemove a mail recipient
RemoveRecordRecordsetRemove Record object record from Recordset
RemoveRecordsetRecordsetRemove from a Recordset the records that are matched in input Recordset
RemoveRecordsetNewRecordsetCreate Recordset from all records in one Recordset that are not in another
ReplaceRegexReplace regex match(es)
ReplaceStringReplace occurrences of a substring with a substitute string
ReplaceStringlistReplace a Stringlist item with a string
ReplaceImageStringlistReplace Stringlist item with an image
ReplaceStringRegexString replacment value
ReplaceUnicodeRegexUnicode replacment value
ReportFastUnloadTaskReturn Fast/Unload report contents
RequestToStringUserStatisticsRequest statistics in string format
RequestValueUserStatisticsValue of the specified Request statistic
RestOfStringStringTokenizerNon-tokenized substring that follows the next token
ReturnCodeFastUnloadTaskReturn Fast/Unload return code
ReturnCodeWriteErrorReturn code from failed write
ReturnInfoObjectDaemonReturn an info object to the master thread
ReturnObjectDaemonReturn an object to the master thread
ReturnToMasterDaemonReturn control to the master thread
(enumeration value)
ReverseStringReturn string characters in right-to-left order
RightStringThe right-most characters of the string
(enumeration value)
RoundFloatRound a floating point number to specified decimal places
RowScreenFieldReturn the row number of a screenfield
RowsScreenReturn the number of rows in the current screen
RSAPrivateKeyToXmlDocStringConvert BER encoded RSA private key to XML
RunDaemonRun a set of commands on the Daemon thread
RunAsynchronouslyDaemonRun commands on the Daemon thread asynchronously
RunIndependentlyDaemonRun commands on an independent Daemon thread
(enumeration value)
RunSubsystemErrorProcedureSystemIs subsystem error procedure to be run
ScreenScreenFieldReturn the screen object of method object
ScreenInputCallbackWebScreen input callback function
ScreenOutputCallbackWebScreen output callback function
SecondsToStringFloatConvert seconds since 1900 to string date/time
SelectCountXmlDocNumber of selected nodes
SelectCountXmlNodeNumber of selected nodes
SelectionNamespaceXmlDocBind prefix to URI (or null) for XPath
SelectNodesXmlDocGet list of selected nodes as XmlNodelist
SelectNodesXmlNodeGet list of selected nodes as XmlNodelist
SelectSingleNodeXmlDocGet selected node as XmlNode
SelectSingleNodeXmlNodeGet selected node as XmlNode
SendHttpRequestSend an HTTP request to the server
SendSocketSend a string over this socket
SendUdpSocketSend a UDP datagram
SenderEmailMail sender email address
SendWebSocketSocketSend Web Socket framed message
SendWithLineEndSocketSend a string plus line end character
SeparatorsStringTokenizerCharacters to be interpreted as token separators
SerialXmlDocSerialize selected subtree as string
SerialXmlNodeSerialize selected subtree as string
ServerSocketSocketGet a reference to the server socket
ServerSocketUdpSocketGet server UdpSocket object
SessionListObjectGet list of session objects
SessionListPersistentObjectInfoGet list of session objects
SetSocketChange a setting for this socket
SetAuthenticationHttpRequestIssue username/password credentials
SetBodyEmailAdd body content to the message
SetCursorScreenFieldSet or return the value of a screenfield
SetGlobalObjectSet global object reference
SetGlobalSubsystemSet a subsystem global
SetGlobalSystemSet a system-wide global
SetGlobalTransactionAdd branch to global transaction
SetObjectSubsystemSet a subsystem object
SetObjectSystemSet a system-wide object
SetSessionObjectSet session object reference
SetStringSubsystemSet a subsystem string
SetStringSystemSet a system-wide string
SetTimePersistentObjectInfoTime object was set (YYYYMMDDHHMISSXXX format)
SHAdigestString20-byte SHA digest
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
SHA224digestString224-bit SHA-2 digest
(enumeration value)
SHA256digestString256-bit SHA-2 digest
(enumeration value)
SHA384digestString384-bit SHA-384 digest
(enumeration value)
SHA512digestString512-bit SHA-512 digest
SignedCertificateStringSign a certificate request
SignedClientCertificateStringSign a client certificate request
SirTuneReportDatasetRead this dataset as a SirTune sample dataset
SkipTokensStringTokenizerMove current token forward a specified number of tokens
SortArraylistSort the input Arraylist
SortStringlistSort the contents of a Stringlist
SortNewArraylistReturn new sorted Arraylist
SortNewFloatNamedArraylistSort items to an Arraylist
SortNewNamedArraylistSort items to an Arraylist
SortNewStringlistSort the contents of a Stringlist object to a new Stringlist
SortNewUnicodeNamedArraylistSort items to an Arraylist
(enumeration value)
SpacesStringTokenizerCharacters to be interpreted as token-delimiting whitespace
SplitRegexSplit string using regex, creating new Stringlist
SquareRootFloatSquare root of a number
SSLOnSocketTurn on SSL processing
StandaloneXmlDocStandalone specification in "XML declaration"
StandardDeviationArraylistCompute the standard deviation of the items
StandardDeviationFloatNamedArraylistCalculate standard deviation of items or function of items
StandardDeviationNamedArraylistCalculate standard deviation of items or function of items
StandardDeviationUnicodeNamedArraylistCalculate standard deviation of items or function of items
(enumeration value)
StartElementXmlSelectorConstruct an element start selector
StartOfStringStringTokenizerSubstring that precedes first character of current token
StartsWithStringIs the argument string an initial substring of the method object string?
StateDaemonState of daemon thread
StateDatasetThe current state of this dataset
StateFastUnloadTaskReturn state of this FastUnloadTask object
StateIncorrectDaemonStateState of daemon at time of exception
StateRecordsetCursorReturn current state of RecordSetCursor
StatusLineHttpResponseStatus line of most recent request
StopParsingXmlParserStop parsing the current document
StringJsonCreate a String JSON object
(enumeration value)
StringStringTokenizerThe string to be tokenized
StringSubsystemGet a subsystem string
StringSystemGet a system-wide string
StringXmlParserThe document to be tokenized
StringFirstDateTimeJournalDatetime stamp from the first entry in the journal stream
StringifyJsonSerialize a JSON object
StringLastDateTimeJournalDatetime stamp from the last entry in the journal stream
StringLengthStringTokenizerLength of current tokenizing string
StringToBase64StringConvert an Ebcdic string to base 64
StringToDaysStringConvert string date/time to days since 1900
StringToHexStringConvert an Ebcdic string to hexadecimal
StringTokenizerStringCreate a tokenizer using the method object string
StringToMillisecondsStringConvert string date/time to milliseconds since 1900
StringToSecondsStringConvert string date/time to seconds since 1900
StringUpToStringTokenizerString from start to current position
StringValueJsonGet string value of JSON object
SubsetRegexCreate subset of Stringlist that matches a regex
SubsetStringlistCreate Stringlist subset
SubsetImageItemStringlistCreate Stringlist subset based on image item
SubsetNewArraylistReturn all matching Arraylist items
SubsetNewFloatNamedArraylistCreate NamedArraylist of items matching some selection criteria
SubsetNewNamedArraylistCreate NamedArraylist of items matching some selection criteria
SubsetNewUnicodeNamedArraylistCreate UnicodeNamedArraylist of items matching some selection criteria
SubstringStringReturn a substring of the method object string
SubstringStringTokenizerSpecified substring within tokenizing string
SubstringXmlParserGet a substring of the current document
SuccessHttpResponseCheck status code value of most recent request
SumArraylistCompute the sum of the items
SumFloatNamedArraylistCalculate sum of items or function of items
SumNamedArraylistCalculate sum of items or function of items
SumUnicodeNamedArraylistCalculate sum of items or function of items
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
TimeoutHttpRequestSet timeout (in seconds) for HTTP method call
TimeoutUdpSocketReceive timeout
TimeStringConvertStringConvert date/time string from one format to another
(enumeration value)
TODClockSystemGet binary TOD clock value
ToDegreesFloatConvert a number in radians to degrees
ToFloatPowerFloatRaise number to a floating point power
ToIntegerPowerFloatRaise number to an integer power
TokenCharsStringTokenizerCharacters to be interpreted as tokens
TokensToLowerStringTokenizerConvert returned tokens to all-lowercase
TokensToUpperStringTokenizerConvert returned tokens to all-uppercase
ToLowerStringReturn alphabetic characters as all-lowercase
(enumeration value)
ToPowerFloatRaise number to an integer power
ToRadiansFloatConvert a number in desgrees to radians
ToStringJsonSerialize a JSON object
ToStringRecordInformation about Record
ToStringRecordsetInformation about Recordset
ToStringRecordsetCursorInformation about RecordSetCursor
ToStringStringConvert string to a string
ToStringUserStatisticsPrint UserStatistics values
ToUpperStringReturn alphabetic characters as all-uppercase
ToXmlDocRecordReturn in an XmlDoc the fields and values of the Record object's record
ToXmlDocUserStatisticsExport the UserStatistics values to Xml
ToXPathStringXmlDocXPath expression for selected node
ToXPathStringXmlNodeXPath expression for selected node
ToXPathStringlistXmlDocXPath expression (in Stringlist) for selected node
ToXPathStringlistXmlNodeXPath expression (in Stringlist) for selected node
TraceArraylistTrace Arraylist
TraceFloatNamedArraylistTrace items
TraceNamedArraylistTrace items
TraceObjectTrace contents of object
TraceRegexTrace regular expression processing
TraceUnicodeNamedArraylistTrace items
TraceXmlDocDisplay selected subtree on Trace stream
TraceXmlNodeDisplay selected subtree on Trace stream
TranInSocketTranslate a remote=encoded string to internal
TranOutSocketTranslate an internal-encoded string to remote
TranslateStringApply a Character Map to the method object string
TranslateTableHttpRequestEBCDIC to ASCII translate table name
TrimLeftStringTrim bytes from left of string
TrimRightStringTrim bytes from right of string
(enumeration value)
TrueJsonCreate a true Boolean JSON object
TrueSelectionCriterionMatches any item
(enumeration value)
TypeInvalidJsonTypeType of object for invalid method
TypeJsonGet type of JSON object
TypeXmlDocType of selected node
TypeXmlNodeType of selected node
(enumeration value)
UStringConvert EBCDIC string to Unicode constant, including character encoding
UnbindLDAPClose this LDAP connection
UnbindImageStringlistDisassociate a Stringlist from an image
(enumeration value)
UnicodeAfterUnicodePart of string after a substring
UnicodeBeforeUnicodePart of string before a substring
UnicodeCharUnicodeThe value at a specified position in the input string
UnicodeEQUnicodeTest if unicode strings are equal
UnicodeFormUrlEncodeUnicodeForm URL encode unicode string
UnicodeGEUnicodeTest if unicode string greater than or equal to another
UnicodeGTUnicodeTest if unicode string greater than another
UnicodeLEUnicodeTest if unicode string less than or equal to another
UnicodeLeftUnicodeThe left-most characters of the string
UnicodeLengthUnicodeLength of this string
UnicodeLTUnicodeTest if unicode string less than another
UnicodeNEUnicodeTest if unicode strings are unequal
UnicodePositionInUnicodeThe numeric position of one string within another
UnicodePositionOfUnicodeThe numeric position of one string within another
UnicodeRegexMatchUnicodePosition after match of regex
UnicodeRegexReplaceUnicodeReplace regex match(es)
UnicodeReplaceRegexReplace regex match(es) for Unicode
UnicodeReplaceUnicodeApply the replacement table to this string
UnicodeRightUnicodeThe right-most characters of the string
UnicodeSubstringUnicodeReturn a substring of the method object string
UnicodeToEbcdicUnicodeTranslate to Ebcdic
UnicodeToLowerUnicodeTranslate to lowercase
UnicodeToUpperUnicodeTranslate to uppercase
UnicodeToUtf16UnicodeTranslate to UTF-16
UnicodeToUtf8UnicodeTranslate to UTF-8
UnicodeTrimLeftUnicodeTrim characters from left of string
UnicodeTrimRightUnicodeTrim characters from right of string
UnicodeUnspaceUnicodeRemove whitespace characters from the string
UnicodeUntranslatablePositionUnicodePosition of first Unicode character not translatable to EBCDIC
UnicodeUrlEncodeUnicodeURL encode unicode string
UnicodeWithUnicodeConcatenate this Unicode string with another
UnionSelectedXmlNodelistUnion of XmlNodelist and selected nodes
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
UnprotectedColorScreenSet color for unprotected screen fields
UnprotectedHighlightScreenSet highlight color for unprotected screen fields
(enumeration value)
UnspaceStringRemove whitespace characters from the string
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
UntranslatableHexValueAddToRecordErrorHexadecimal representation of untranslatable Unicode character, if that is reason for error
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
UpdateCharacterMapUpdate this CharacterMap
UpdateCharacterToUnicodeMapUpdate this CharacterToUnicodeMap
UpdateStringlistProduce Stringlist from input Stringlist using Stringlist of updates
UpdateSeedRandomNumberGeneratorReset random sequence with new salt and seed
URIXmlAttributeListGet the URI of the indexed attribute
URIXmlDocNamespace URI of name of selected node
URIXmlNodeNamespace URI of name of selected node
URLHttpRequestTarget HTTP request URL
URLHttpResponseURL from which the response was obtained
UrlDecodeUnicodeStringConvert URL encoded UTF-8 string to Unicode
URLEncodeSocketUse escape sequences to encode special chars
UseDefaultFloatNamedArraylistFlag indicating whether or not Item returns the Default value when name has no value
UseDefaultNamedArraylistFlag indicating whether or not Item returns the Default value when name has no value
UseDefaultUnicodeNamedArraylistFlag indicating whether or not Item returns the Default value when name has no value
UserIDRecordLockingConflictUser ID (login name) of the user that has the conflict
UserNumberDaemonUser number of the thread associated with this Daemon
UserNumberRecordLockingConflictUser number of the user that has the conflict
UserStatisticsDaemonStatistics for the thread associated with this Daemon
Utf16ToUnicodeStringConvert a UTF-16 Longstring bytestream to Unicode
Utf8ToUnicodeStringConvert a UTF-8 Longstring bytestream to Unicode
UUIDTimeSystemGet a binary UUID time
(enumeration value)
ValueAddToRecordErrorValue from input XmlDoc for which error occurred
ValueRandomNumberGeneratorGet a new random value
ValueScreenFieldSet or return the value of a screenfield
ValueUserStatisticsValue of the specified Login statistic
ValueXmlAttributeListGet the value of the given attribute
ValueXmlDocString-value of selected node
ValueXmlNodeString-value of selected node
ValueByNumberXmlAttributeListGet the value of the indexed attribute
ValueDefaultXmlDocString-value of selected node (allow empty XPath)
ValueDefaultXmlNodeString-value of selected node (allow empty XPath)
(enumeration value)
VarianceArraylistCompute the variance of the items
VarianceFloatNamedArraylistCalculate variance of items or function of items
VarianceNamedArraylistCalculate variance of items or function of items
VarianceUnicodeNamedArraylistCalculate variance of items or function of items
(enumeration value)
VersionXmlDocVersion number in "XML declaration"
WaitAsynchronousDaemonWait for an asynchronous result
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
WakeupAtSystemWake up at a specific time in milliseconds
WebReceiveXmlDocDeserialize Web request into this XmlDoc
WebSendXmlDocSerialize XmlDoc as Web response
WebSocketSocketConvert Web thread to WebSocket thread
(enumeration value)
(enumeration value)
WidthScreenFieldReturn the width of a screenfield
WordStringSelect word from list of words
WordCountStringCount words in list
WordNumberInStringWord number of method object needle within argment list of words
WordNumberOfStringWord number of argument needle within method object list of words
WordsStringSublist of list of words
WriteBlockDatasetWrite a block of data to this dataset
WriteRecordDatasetWrite a record to this dataset
WriteRecordsDatasetWrite multiple records to this dataset
XStringHex constant method
XmlXmlDocSerialize XmlDoc as UTF-8 string
XmlDocXmlNodeGet the XmlDoc associated with this node
XmlDocXmlNodelistGet the XmlDoc associated with this nodelist
XPathNodeIDXmlDocXPath expression (in Stringlist) for selected node
XPathNodeIDXmlNodeXPath expression (in Stringlist) for selected node
X509CertificateToXmlDocStringConvert BER encoded X.509 certificate to XML
X509CrlToXmlDocStringConvert BER encoded X.509 CRL to XML
(enumeration value)
ZipStringCompress a longstring with ZIP